Deep interpretation of character and love for Taurus

Character of Taurus 

If you are a Taurus, you must have bright eyes, which is almost all the common characteristics of Taurus. Of course, there are special cases, that is the small-eyed handsome boy. Taurus must have sexy lips, Taurus's lips are usually thick and firm, while Scorpio's lips are provocative, Leo's lips are proud, slightly upturned.

Born in the spring, Taurus are good at enjoying life. The slow-paced, methodical life is the ideal state for Taurus, of course, music and flowers are essential. Most Taurus have bigoted move for art obsession, which is likely to be reflected in the home decoration, wearing, music and painting. The truth verified fully that Taurus is the most talented constellation. Too numerous celebrities come from Taurus. 

But Taurus are good at hiding, the uneasy heart is hidden under the calm appearance. I think this is derived from an inferiority complex of the Earth sign, earth signs have a profound sense of inferiority and a feeling of unease.

Taurus people are holding a shy and original attitude towards sex, the constellation incarnation itself is a symbol of the continuation of life. Taurus are very possessive, even more than Leo and the Aries, this possessiveness is self-centered, it has a greatly destructive power. If a rival appears, then a deadly war is just beginning, even if it is covered in blood, Taurus will support to the end for love. Taurus are the champions of true love.

Most Taurus men have perfect culinary skill, and perform excellently. Taurus men's cooking skills are more home-based.

Love of Taurus 

Taurus, Aries and Leo will burst out of the wonderful feelings, the burning Leo and Aries will cleverly combine Taurus' romance, this feeling is wonderful. Taurus is faithful, coupled with the possessive Aries and Leo, this is a beautiful love. Taurus will be confused by beautiful things, such beautiful things contain the following constellations: Gemini, Pisces, Scorpio.

The charming Gemini has a very strong temptation, however, may make Taurus exhausted, the possessive Taurus will feel oppressed greatly.

Pisces is a beautiful start, the two artistic constellations can burn each other's enthusiasm, while Pisces is thinking about forever, but Taurus does not like to think, this kind of difference will make them have gap or even break up. 

Scorpio is a legend, is planning  to possess the gentle Taurus, small test means Taurus will submit obediently. If Scorpio can cherish, Taurus will have rather good wealth luck. But if Scorpio is not satisfied, however, will suffer the abandonment of the Taurus. If Scorpio revenged, Scorpio will know Taurus lover's cold and ruthless attitudes. Taurus will be quite unsympathetic to people they do not like.

This constellation people do not like doing meaningless things. Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer are the most suitable constellations for Taurus to get married. Taurus people are good at cooking. Capricorn people are good at financial management. Taurus usually have good fortune, Cancer like to behave in a sweet and helpless way. Taurus have a generous shoulder, these are all wonderful combinations. From this point Taurus people are the popular lovers. While Taurus can not keep up with the speed of the outward running Sagittarius. They are more suitable for friends, one runs, one watches, it is the absolute life.

Taurus personality is laid-back, lthey ike money, like to dress up themselves. Fairy incarnation of the noble aesthetic makes it difficult for them to enter the low-level emotions. You'd better cherish Taurus, praise Taurus.

The last sentence for Taurus: your life is so wonderful because of your noble sentiments. Your dedication to love makes you like a fighter. You are perfect in your love.