Who would be easy to become enemy with 12 constellations?

1, Aries are most likely to become enemy with Cancer

Aries people speak directly, and sometimes impolitely, and Aries people are easy to spit the other's secrets out, then Cancer people can not bear. Aries people will compete with Cancer people fairly and squarely, but Cancer people will not do so, they would look for another pipeline to start with, which makes Aries very uncomfortable.

2, Taurus are most likely to become enemy with Capricorn

Taurus people like to tell the truth, while Capricorn people take actions that suit local circumstances, they are more hypocritical. Taurus will feel Capricorn are too contrived and hate them, while Capricorn people will think why Taurus are so unfriendly.

3, Gemini are most likely to become enemy with Sagittarius

Gemini people like joking, they feel that they drive a harmless joke, but Sagittarius would criticize Gemini, and will be very careful to pick the language problem, so two people can easily forge certain distance.

4, Cancer are most likely to become enemy with Libra

When Cancer people really want to make friends, they will tell a lot of their own inner truth to the other. But the Libra people often spit it out, but Libra people are not intentional, but Cancer people may think they are bad guys.

5, Leo are most likely to become enemy with Taurus

Leo people think that Taurus people's words are very hurtful, Taurus often say the truth, but Leo people need encouragement firstly, not the truth. They need the helpful ways, not embarrassed words.

6, Virgo are most likely to become enemy with Aquarius

When Virgo people want to make friends with others, they would stick to others, they will speak everything with friends in details. But Aquarius would not like to speak with Virgo, even betray Virgo at the last minute, so Virgo will hate Aquarius very much.

7, Libra are most likely to become enemy with Leo

Leo may make Libra feel like a pug, because Libra will try to make everyone happy. Leo are relatively safe at ease, ithey would be very quiet in a group of people, then Libra will feel Leo do not save face.

8, Scorpio are most likely to become enemy with Gemini

Scorpio feel Gemini are too nosy, and Scorpio do not like others to knwo their own things, for example, out of embarrassment or deliberately conceal things. But the Gemini personality is, the more people tell them not to talk about the things, they want to talk about more.

9, Saggitarius are most likely to become enemy with Virgo

Sagittarius think Virgo peoplea are too petty and contrived, and Virgo privately like to lie. Sagittarius take what Virgo said seriously, Sagittarius will feel completely unable to cooperate with Virgo after being cheated for several times.

10, Capricorn are most likely to become enemy with Pisces

Pisces people like to use many steps to complete things perfectly, and Capricorn seek quick results. Capricorn it will think Pisces are irresponsible, the two sides will go their own ways with time.

11, Aquarius are most likely to become enemy with Scorpio

Aquarius people like to plan and embattle, but Aquarius can see through Scorpio, which makes Aquarius very afraid, and the behavior of Aquarius is very ridiculous in the eyes of Scorpio.

12, Pisces are most likely to become enemy with Aries

Pisces and Aries are all activists, if the parties are not good partners, or else go their own ways. They are friends or enemies.