Take you to understand the Western myth behind the 12 constellations



Felix Sox was originally the prince of tieshalia, but because he avoided the killing of his stepmother, he fled with his sister on the golden wool sheep that could fly in the sky given by the god Zeus. On the way, Felix Sox's sister accidentally fell into the sea and died, while he himself safely arrived in the country east of the Black Sea and was sheltered by the local king ayeties. In order to repay the kindness of saving lives, fucrisos stripped the fur of the golden sheep and presented it to King ayeties. King ayeties then hung the fur in the trees of the forest and let a dragon who never sleeps guard it. Aries is the constellation that commemorates this golden sheep!


Near today's Lebanon, a country called Phoenicia once flourished. Europa was the beautiful daughter of Phoenician king. One day, when Europa was playing in the pasture by the sea, a white cow came out of nowhere and asked Europa to swim with it. Europa sat on the bull's back, and the bull swam towards the sea. The white cow turned out to be the incarnation of Zeus. Because Zeus liked Europa, he turned into a white cow and lured Europa to him. The two landed on Crete. Europa was deeply loved by Zeus. It is said that he later gave birth to three children. Today's Europe is said to come from the name of Europa. As for Taurus, it commemorates the white bull.


About the twin brothers, it is said that Zeus, the God of heaven, turned into a swan and was born to Rita. After the two brothers grew up, my brother became a master of equestrian, while my brother was unmatched in the boxing industry and had done many adventures. However, due to a battle, his brother died on the battlefield. In order to live with his brother, he asked Zeus to remove his magic that he would not die, so his brother was also taken to heaven and became a constellation.


It is said that when Hercules fought with sidora, crabs clamped Hercules with their crab feet in order to save their good friend sidora. Unexpectedly, they were trampled to death. But the goddess Hera sympathized with the kind and poor crab and let it go to heaven and become a constellation, cancer.


In Greek mythology, the lion lived in the forest of Nemea, but it was not an ordinary lion. It could be called an immortal Warcraft. It is said that it went to heaven to become a constellation because it failed to fight Hercules.


Virgo is said to be the daughter of the goddess of agriculture. Demi, the goddess of agriculture, has an only daughter named pushfanny. Once, unfortunately, he was robbed by Pluto (Hades), the king of the underworld. When demit was sad, he entered the cave in the valley and refused to come out, so that the earth no longer produced crops and hungry people could be seen everywhere. Zeus sent messengers to Pluto (Hades) and ordered him to return puxifeni. Pluto (Hades) dared not disobey Zeus, so he sent puxifeni back to his mother safely. But before she left, pushipinia ate four pomegranates from the underworld and had to return to the underworld in April.