Look at the 12 constellations. How many times do you have love in your life


Love itself means tossing, an action that makes yourself suffer. Isn't it? Two people who didn't know each other originally had to come together and live in the same space. During this period, what kind of running in is needed and what kind of fierce collision is there? To be more tolerant, you can put down his (her) shortcomings and bad habits. How can you be calm?

Aries & mdash& mdash; Once

All things have a second time for the first time. Beating his wife is like this, and so is tossing his feelings. Therefore, yang'er simply wraps up the remaining feelings and leaves after the first time, so as not to waste time and get hurt again. This is the unique skill of sheep to avoid emotional risks. Although it makes many epic love stories go to waste, after all, they can be intact and retreat all over, so as not to love for a long time, and finally become a butterfly flying out, not even a bird.

Taurus & mdash& mdash; 6 times

80% of the first three tosses, as long as they are not too much, Niuniu is cheap and thinks that this is a magnificent chapter of love. The fourth time, Niuniu began to have a little wrong reaction. He endured it twice according to his dull personality, and finally understood and realized it. Therefore, people who have been in love with Niuniu think that the other party is a kind-hearted and considerate person at the beginning. Just after a few quarrels, they find that Niuniu is a heartless person. In fact, they just have a long reflection arc.

Gemini & mdash& mdash; at any time

Feelings can withstand several twists and turns. It all depends on Gemini's mood. When you are sad, you will firmly abandon them like old shoes. When you are happy, you can punch, kick, criticize and make trouble without reason. Falling in love with Gemini is the most difficult and relaxed. Occasionally you can be unscrupulous, and occasionally you have to be careful to get through. Therefore, if you feel spoiled in the arms of Gemini one day, don't get complacent. The next moment, you are likely to be completely dumped by Gemini due to the toss of relaxing your vigilance.

Cancer & mdash& mdash; N times

Cancer belongs to the type of great tolerance in love. Basically, if you don't abuse them to violate the criminal law, they will choose to stick to it for their feelings. Therefore, if you fall in love with a cancer, you can sprinkle huan'er's tossing, tricks, secret techniques, extorting confessions by words and deeds, tiger stool and chili water. Without them, you can't stand it, only you can't think of it. In fact, cancer's love usually disappears not because of pain, but because of loneliness. For them, it's better to torture than to be left out.

LEO & mdash& mdash; 2 times

Leo in love, all principles obey dignity unconditionally. In theory, one toss has overturned the dignity of the lion. The reason why you choose to endure may be that the power of love cannot estimate this proposition, but there is absolutely no word "endure again" in the lion's dictionary. Don't be strong when you fall in love with a lion. If they give you a face, you don't want it. Don't worry, they will only put your hot face on your cold ass the second time.

Virgo & mdash& mdash; 4 times

For the first time, they can almost forget the cause, process and result of the event; The second time with Virgo, they began to think about the reason of the quarrel, and then deep remorse; For the third time, they have sat down calmly and considered whether you have problems. When necessary, they will find friends to discuss, which is very objective; The fourth time, no matter how the toss appears, it is obvious that your love comes to an end.