The more I like you, the more I love the constellation that torments you

Love you is hard to open in the heart. Some constellations always like duplicity. They are dying, but they have a stress response in the body. The more you like it, the more you resist it, and even bully the object you like. What are the constellations?

Scorpio: aloof and indifferent

Speaking of Scorpio, there must be a mysterious and arrogant image. Yes, that's the Scorpio man. What about the Scorpio man? It's a little strange. Although people are very popular, they usually appear arrogant and have a little mystery. Scorpio has been sick and charming since ancient times. It's not unreasonable. They are always calm and rational, and treat people gently. What makes them a little incomprehensible? Or it becomes a little strange. It must be love. At this time, there will always be a housekeeper who will say that the young master has never smiled at a woman. The idol drama has a little. The more they like a person, the more they doubt themselves, so they will show that they don't like each other and even hate the local behavior. In fact, the more they hate, the more they like it. After all, they are not cold to anyone.

Pisces: Romantic tired

When it comes to Pisces, silly white and sweet, love romance, these words keep popping up in my mind. Someone may ask, since you pursue romance, it must be a super sweet constellation. How can you like it more? On the contrary, the more you want to torture each other, in fact, this is the case. It is precisely because Pisces likes too much that they want to confirm this love all the time. They are obsessed with romance. Because they like it too much, they pay more attention to romance. Those actions that have felt very romantic experience at ordinary times appear ordinary because they want to pursue the extreme. This too frequent romance is really not sweet, but torture and exhausting.

Gemini: fickle

Gemini is fine at ordinary times, but they are really fickle, especially when they like you very much. They are really easy to be jealous. If you get a little closer to the opposite sex, they may be angry, but they may not show up on the surface and will not take the initiative to tell you, but they are uncomfortable. They make trouble for you and annoy you, You can't figure out when to offend him and what to offend him for? Again and again, you coax her. He wants you to admit your mistake, admit your mistake, and let you say what's wrong? If you haven't reacted at this time and she is jealous or jealous, you will be miserable. And this time, even if it has not been solved, it has been reconciled. Next time, a little bit of small things will definitely cause his explosion point, which makes people feel terrible. It is simply a physical and mental torture.

VIRGO: pursuing perfection

Virgo who falls in love with him may have a feeling of falling in love with his mother. He is in charge of you at any time. The more she likes you, the more he values your future and future, because the future and future are not just yours, but yours together. As we all know, Virgo is more in pursuit of perfection, and so is their relationship. The more they like you, the more they can't let you go. Since they don't want you to break up, they will build you into a perfect image in her heart and a perfect life for both of you. They expect you to be outstanding and reach his standards as soon as possible, which becomes the feeling of mother. This feeling will be less sweet in love and more suffocated by control.

Cancer: no sense of security

Cancer's lack of love is already known to everyone. When they are in love, they really have no sense of security, especially when they like you very much. They must worry about gain and loss, but once this worry about gain and loss becomes more and more serious, it will become a problem. After all, everyone has their own life and can't stick together all the time. If you want to give up all your interpersonal communication and all your hobbies because of love, it must be very painful. But sometimes cancer wants to make a choice between him, your life and your friends through such comparison. Only when you choose him can he ensure that he is the most important person.

In fact, the most important thing in love is tolerance and understanding. If you like it, you should express your goodwill. Communication is really important. Don't always act like a pupil.