An in-depth interpretation of the character and love of the 12 constellations -- Libra

If you are a Libra, you are so lucky; If you are a Libra, you are too unfortunate.

Libra's love is always far away. They don't have a strong desire to pursue anything, so they are not afraid to lose. Libra's character is not good at expression. If you can feel that Libra loves you three times, in fact, there will be five times; And if you can feel five points, in fact, there will be seven points. Libra is not frank, will dilute the expression of feelings, will suppress their emotions. Libra doesn't like to hurt anyone and would rather hurt themselves. When the prospect is not optimistic, they will calmly say hate words to the people they like, and they will be duplicative in order not to hurt anyone. Instead, they will hurt others and themselves more.

Or perhaps, Libra is only in love with their own reflection. Perhaps Libras are more suitable for distant thoughts. Life is to watch the scenery while walking. Libra is a sign that you don't know much about yourself. Because Libra is good at camouflage, you often can't see yourself clearly. Don't like texting, don't like calling, lazy one, but for special people. Love at first sight is difficult to happen in Libra. Libra's love takes time, will like many people, but it is difficult to fall in love with one person.

Libra likes the feeling of long flowing water, warm and long flowing. The depressed or injured Libra doesn't need anyone's comfort, and won't abandon himself and never recover. All he needs is space, time and an optimistic heart. I will comfort myself, persuade myself to look away, heal myself and arm myself. At this time, it's best to let Libra stay alone, because the presence of friends will not help Libra, and Libra doesn't want friends to see their depressed and injured appearance.

People loved by Libra are happy. They will live for you. Please cherish them. Falling in love with Libra is painful. If Libra doesn't love you, the result is often to love and hate Libra and don't want to give up. Libra has definitely been deeply hurt in places you don't know. Because the aesthetic heart is destroyed, there is a criminal belief that destroys everything. In fact, when you exceed the bottom line of Libra, Libra belongs to one of the most extreme constellation types. And because Libra has strong patience, if you force Libra to that step, no one can feel the sadness in Libra's heart, and the pole of sadness is happiness, so some Libras look very happy.

If you see a Libra who is silent with pain, you don't have to force him to talk. Keep him quiet. You just need to look at him from a distance. Libra's heart is a container of water. They put tears in this glassware and don't let it flow out. But when tears accumulate and finally overflow, Libra knows that I'm not happy. In fact, I'm also very happy.