Detailed explanation of Libra in 12 constellations


Libra (seventh house) September 23-24 ~ October 22-23

  • Constellation alias: Libra in the west, Libra in the day, Libra in the wrong name.
  • Symbolic meaning: Libra, a Libra that evaluates good, evil and justice.
  • Constellation symbol: the basic constellation of wind and masculinity, which is male and semi mature.
  • Guardian planets: Venus, marriage God star, wisdom God star, and super dark star.
  • Relative Constellation: Aries.
  • Mascot: heart shape.
  • Auspicious metal: copper.
  • Auspicious gems: sapphire, opal, crystal
  • Auspicious day: Friday.
  • Auspicious numbers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 15, 24
  • Ideal country of residence: Austria, southern United States, Egypt, Monaco, Guatemala, France and Hawaii · And China
  • Constellation formula: I measure, I balance.
  • Constellation formula: measurement, balance and partnership.
  • Temple Planet: Venus.
  • Prosperous Planet: Saturn.
  • Falling Planet: Mars.
  • Weak Planet: sun.
  • Body parts: kidney, adrenal gland, accessory kidney, lower waist, lumbar spine, internal organ, ovary, fallopian tube, inner ear.
  • Constellation diseases: kidney disease, low back pain, sexually transmitted diseases, ovarian and fallopian tube diseases, ear diseases or hearing impairment, etc.
  • Desire: sisterly friendship.
  • Cheated: the extravagant hope of love.
  • Like: dance or participate in grand activities.
  • Fear: not getting everyone's love.
  • Seeking: meticulous care.
  • Advantages: like to help others.
  • Disadvantage: say not do.
  • Holiday life: poetic and picturesque.
  • Expenses: buying cosmetics, flowers, watching performances.
  • Positive characteristics: cooperative, persuasive, broad communication, peace loving, elegant, fair, art loving, diplomatic, social and smooth.
  • Negative characteristics: flashy, indifferent, scheming, seeking reconciliation by any means, hesitating, easy to get angry, easy to give up

Libra is a constellation that symbolizes the coming of autumn. The expression of autumn in Libra is a special perception of congeniality. You seek common ground and mutual understanding. Amiable disposition, so that hatred and hostility can never be near you. Libra people are gentle and elegant. You need to live happily, faithful friendship and love. Easy going and obedience are the main characteristics of your character. No matter for Libra men or women, you can see these rare female qualities, integrity, approachability, shining with the brilliance of personality charm, as well as your artistic inspiration and talent. This is a Libra! Trivial things will make you feel panic. You are always looking for inner stability and balance. Without this balance, you cannot live in peace. This is a person who can open up a way of reconciliation for contradictions in life.

Libras born in autumn are very careful in their behavior. Get along with you can not be impatient, and can not be simple and rough, because your feelings are difficult to guess, excited sometimes forget yourself. You are excited about what is happening around you. You not only know the context of things, but also know what time is best for success. Libras are the best at finding people who share your interests.