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Scorpio character analysis and matching

Character Analysis

Scorpio's key word is "I created"

Scorpio is the eighth house on the astrolabe and headed by Pluto, and is famous for its "scorpion" symbol. There is no doubt that the Scorpio may be the most misunderstood in all the constellations, because their feelings have too many hidden areas, beneath the surface what they presented to you there are always more things. They hide the true feelings and motivations, often giving the impression that they have ulterior motives or do not attempt, under normal circumstances, they are really like this! They hide their true feelings, and can hide their true personality, so you'll never see through their true colors. The scorpion family also can not learn to put down, if someone once hurt them, they would bear a grudge. In fact, the scorpion never forgive nor forget, they can catch up with the ends of the earth to avenge those who had angered them. Scorpion need to get a sense of security to control everything and to keep control, it is quite dangerous for scorpion to lose control of the situation.

On the other hand, they will always remember the kindness of others and return. They are vibrant, passionate people, they are strong-willed, better to die in glory than live in dishonour and hate frivolous and boring things.

Scorpio people are inscrutable, stubborn and crusty. They are controlled by Pluto, people born in Scorpio are strong and have extreme concept, they are always very intense. They do not do quitter, always give everything to treat a relationship or a cause, they will eventually become a workaholic. They are very independent, have the ability to accomplish anything they got the idea to do, never give up. If a relationship is very important for Scorpio, then it would have been important to go. They are both enthusiastic friends and cunning enemy, as long as you remember that they are sensitive creatures, they will take any criticism to heart.

Scorpio like to conceal their inner true hearts (including their loved ones), they will retain the trust until after the test of time. Once the test is passed, they become amazing, strong and interesting friends, fairly reliable - but once you make them feel tired, they will abandon you away. They like depth and intensity, they are warm and intense group with amazing hot emotion. Lust is doubly excited generous experience of the kinds of mind and body for them, the word "lover" is really harmonious between man and nature for scorpion family. They have masterpiece endurance, your bed things would be an epic and energetic experience.

Love for Scorpio is always so important, and will be a bit extreme: on the one hand, they are jealous and passionate, on the other hand, they are also extremely loyal spouse. They are doing things always a bit extremely, sometimes evolve to the point of evil, such as Goering and Goebbels, however, if they could nobly make use of this amazing will and strength, they would make achievements like Indira Gandhi. In front of everyone, they can be cool, aloof and indifferent, but privately they are filled with tremendous energy, extreme intensity, intense feelings, strong will and the perpetual impetus.

Scorpion staffs may look silent and quiet low-key, and can make use of well-controlled nature to slowly exude a calm self-confidence. They will never be moved by honour or disgrace, in face of praise or contempt, they will both appreciate and suspect your motives. Whatever you do, unless you really intend to seriously listen to, or otherwise you'd better not ask for their evaluation, because they will tell you the direct and ruthless truth. When Scorpion express informations, their eyes will drill through you as deeply as the drilling machine - so gazed by so stable and calm eyes, very few people will really feel comfortable. The scorpion family have amazing ability to control emotions, regardless of their true feelings are, you never know their inner feeling.

This cold self-control and detached ability so that make the scorpion family become physicians, snipers, scientists, CIA or spiritual leaders naturely. If this introspection developes to the extreme, they may suffer from agoraphobia.

They are really notorious In the business world, they scheming, it is difficult to trust others, and often remarkably successful due to a lack of morality. They are full of envy and resentment, they are secret  and obsessive. If they are angered, theyn they will become the most violent people in the world. Scorpion family is the most unfaithful constellation, if not hinder, their strong passions may cause beyond redemption. Unreserved passion is their biggest hobby, they have little morality, as long as there is a chance they may become playboys and playgirls.

Scorpio's biggest hobby is always sex. 

Constellation matching

The best match of the Scorpio is Capricorn. Cancer, Pisces and Virgo is also a good lover. Avoid Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius, which is the object they'd better not trust.


Capricorn people have full of insecurity, Scorpio's possessiveness can help Capricorn eliminate insecurity. These two constellations are ambitious and can pursue predetermined goals together and fight side by side. Scorpio and Capricorn are particularly good lovers, they are both very passionate. While the characters of the two are terrible, but love still grows slowly. They will find mutually are loyal and can safeguard the common interests until life together. 


Cancer and Scorpio are the same water signs. Like Scorpio, Cancer people also have deep emotional undercurrents, they can keep long relationship.


Scorpio will frequently suppress themselves to criticize the impulse of Pisces, which makes Pisces become frustrated. Although Scorpio occasionally feel Pisces are weak and not worth having, but Pisces will send infinite love to Scorpio, this natural fate will still create a lot of successful couples, one of the most perfect pairing Love is like heaven.


Scorpio lover appreciates the values ​​of the Virgo, and vice versa. You both speak bitingly at any time, but both are not willing to humbly accept. This is a fundamental difficulty that could the relationship reach an impasse, however Virgo's view of choosing spouse for life agrees with Scorpio's idea, this enhances the possibility of two people to live together forever.