Scorpio character analysis and matching

Character analysis

The key word of Scorpio is & ldquo; I create & rdquo;

Scorpio is the eighth house of the chart, ruled by Pluto, with & ldquo; Scorpion & rdquo; Famous for its symbols. There is no doubt that Scorpio is probably the most misunderstood of all constellations. Because their emotions have too many hidden areas, there are always more things under the surface they present to you about Scorpios. They hide their true feelings and motives and often make people feel that they have ulterior motives or attempts. Usually, they really do! They hide their true feelings and can hide their true personality so well that you can never see their true face. Scorpions still learn not to let go. If someone has hurt them, they can bear a grudge all their life. In fact, scorpions never forgive, let alone forget that they can go to the ends of the earth to revenge those who have angered them. Scorpio needs to gain a sense of security by controlling everything and controlling at any time. For Scorpio, losing control of the situation is a threatening and dangerous thing.

On the other hand, they will always remember the kindness of others and return it. Scorpions are energetic and passionate people. They have a strong will, live with an attitude of rather being broken than complete, and hate trivial and boring.

Scorpions are unpredictable, stubborn and irritable. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio born people are considered powerful and extreme. They are always fierce. They don't give up halfway. They always give everything to a relationship or a career, and eventually become workaholics. Scorpions are quite independent and have the ability to accomplish anything they want and never give up. If a relationship is important to Scorpio, it will always be important. They are both enthusiastic friends and cunning enemies. As long as you remember that they are sensitive creatures, you will take any criticism to heart.

Scorpios like to hide their inner self (including their lovers) from everyone. They will retain their trust in people until they pass the test of time. Once they pass the test, they become amazing, powerful and interesting friends, quite reliable & mdash& mdash; However, once you bore them, they will abandon you. Scorpions like depth and intensity. They are a passionate and intense group with amazing passion. For Scorpio, lust is an exciting and generous experience of both mind and body, & ldquo; Love & rdquo; The word "scorpion" is really the unity of heaven and man. They have unparalleled persistence, and your bed will be epic and energetic.

Love is always so important to Scorpio, and it will be a little extreme: on the one hand, they are passionate and jealous, on the other hand, they are also extremely loyal spouses. Scorpions are always a little extreme and sometimes evolve into evil, such as Goering and Goebbels. However, if they use this amazing will and power, they will achieve Indira & middot; Gandhi's achievements. In front of everyone, they can be calm, detached and indifferent, but privately, they are filled with great energy, extreme strength, intense feelings, strong will and permanent motivation.

Scorpio employees appear to be quiet and low-key, and can use their well-controlled nature to slowly exude a peaceful self-confidence. They are truly flattered or humiliated. In the face of praise or contempt, they will both agree and doubt your motives. No matter what you do, don't ask their comments unless you really intend to listen carefully, because Scorpios will calmly tell you the naked and ruthless truth. When scorpions express information, their eyes will drill through you like a drill & mdash& mdash; Few people really feel comfortable under such a steady and calm gaze. Scorpions' ability to control emotions is really enviable, jealous and hated. No matter what their true feelings are, you will never know.

This cold self-control and detachment make scorpions natural professionals, snipers, scientists, CIA or spiritual leaders. Some scorpions suffer from this kind of phobia, which will develop to the extreme.

Scorpions do have a bad name among the major constellations. In business, they are crafty, difficult to fully trust others, and often achieve extraordinary achievements due to their lack of ethics. They are full of jealousy and resentment, secretive and obsessive. If they are provoked, there is no violent level in the world comparable to Scorpio. Scorpions are also the most unfaithful people that Wanfu refers to. If there is no obstacle, their strong lust will lead to disaster. Unreserved lust is their biggest hobby. They have no morality at all. They go through thousands of flowers as long as they have the opportunity. Scorpions can be the best bedmates or judges. (think of Marta & middot; Haley, who can use seduction tools to gather intelligence for Germans.)

Scorpio's biggest hobby is always sex. A calculating Scorpio is the one who is most likely to try to persuade you to use three postures in bed (or four or five), so that you have a bad reputation for the style of bed (and greed). Some scorpions have a tendency to be cruel. Be careful of sadism! Exposing the dark side of scorpions is by no means a good thing. They will never forget their encounter with you. You can fully expect their deadly tongue attack.

Constellation pairing

Scorpio's best match is Capricorn. Cancer, Pisces and virgins are also good targets. Avoid Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius, which are objects you can't trust.


Capricorn is full of insecurity. Scorpio's possessiveness helps Capricorn eliminate fear. Both constellations are ambitious and can work side by side to pursue predetermined goals. Scorpio and Capricorn are especially suitable bed companions. They are simply dry firewood and fire, earth and mountains shaking. Although their personalities are terrible, their love can still grow slowly. They will find that they can be loyal to each other and safeguard their common interests until they grow old together. That's why you can see countless Scorpio Capricorn dignitaries.


Scorpio and cancer have the same deep emotions as Scorpio.


Scorpio will frequently suppress his impulse to criticize Pisces, which will make Pisces depressed. Although Scorpio accidentally feels that Pisces is too weak to be worth having, Pisces will pay attention to Scorpio's infinite love. This natural fate will still create many successful couples, among which the most perfect pairing is love in heaven.


Scorpio appreciates Virgo's values and vice versa. You can both hurt people at any time, but neither of you is willing to accept it with an open mind. This is an essential difficulty and may lead to a deadlock in the relationship. However, Virgo's idea of choosing a spouse for life is in line with Scorpio's idea, which enhances the possibility of lasting forever.