See through Libra by Sun, Moon and Venus


In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the sun Libra.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation.

1、 Sun Libra woman

1. Moon fire scale female

Venus fire phase: full of hatred, forced people, want to impress people, extensive knowledge, different children (at least two), in politics.

Venus Earth: beautiful, love work, eye problems, rich, like swimming and water sports, exotic or belly dancer style, seek attention, commit suicide (attempt), usually at least one daughter, fracture (ankle, arm, back & bull; & bull; & bull;), Get rich through marriage and love adventure.

Venus water phase: full of hatred, enthusiasm, usually at least one son, love work, usually zongzi (eldest daughter), excellent endowment, marital pressure, different ordinary birth background, overweight.

Venus wind phase: interested in mystics, late marriage, late childbirth, very old or not married with your partner, like sailing or flying, committed to astrology.

2. Moon earth scale female

Venus fire sign: benevolent, helpful, multi married, independent, frank, rebellious or eccentric.

Venus Earth: sociable, outgoing, focus on private space, lovely, artistic, family trauma, multi marriage, ranking at the end of the family, tense interpersonal relations.

Venus water phase: suspicious, conservative, different from ordinary birth background, child king, artist, beauty, independence, actor or model, large family.

Venus wind: dedicated, likable, like flying, life is related to aircraft in some way, flight or aviation, and there is an age difference with your partner (husbands are usually younger)

3. Moon water scale female

Venus fire: beautiful, mostly only a child (not many children, many women), models, many marriages, teachers, breast cancer, cosmetic surgery.

Venus Earth: multi married, new and mysterious, with surgery or body incision, murder or criminal victims, radical, activist, teachers, widows, child kings, usually like migration.

Animal Love: reach old age together with your partner. You will be old and hard to get old.

Venus wind: radical, abnormal or accidental death, murder victims, parents divorce.

4. Moon wind weigher

Venus fire: sociable, compassionate, teacher, astrological tendency, radical, intelligent.

Venus Earth: depression, emotional attacks, possible suicide, mental or psychological problems, vulnerable, accidental or abnormal death.

Venus water: sociable, obese, surgical, eloquent, abortion or trauma related to children, severe and gloomy, broad-minded.

Venus wind: humor, multi marriage, mostly sons, many children, criminal victims, writers.