How to face the old love for 12 constellations?

The most cruel thing in life is to see a favorite things dying in your hands.


Committing all kinds of stupid mistakes, then bravely admit mistakes, this is the incipient love model for Aries. Alternatively, Aires can walk backwards, firstly confused and lost direction in the Black Forest, and later on found the way home, so step by step Aries walked on the originally unfamiliar road, eventually broke down the door.

When love got old, Aires would know what love was really, but the last person standing there was not that initial face.


Maybe Taurus do not want to make a clear definition of love, after all life is a reality, there is no chasm-like divide, only continuously flowing days. However, it is good to make careful planning and live cheaply, but people also should waste if they have to, such as feelings. The surefire plan is to waste feelings for a marriage.

Even when love and people themselves got old, at least they would have a strong guarantee, which might be the happiness.


Gemini once owed something, they could not help using them as chips to gamble, they have a natural anxiety, it seems that they can not tolerate holding something for long time. But in this world there is a few major suits, if you can not afford gambling, do not follow the bet. Otherwise, any rush investment might make you ragged and embarrassed.

Gemini are most afraid to grow old in love.


Perhaps the significance for blooming lies in flowers, the significance of birds lies in flying, the significance of getting old lies in disappearance. Give timely assistance, anything play a role only at a certain period. Kick out somebody after his services are no longer needed is the absolute truth, fate is gone, forget each other, do not drag your feet. It would be sufficient for Cancer to learn above.

After growing old in love, at least to maintain a calm mind, but also from leisurely facing the later years.


Leo's love is to grow old together with the youth, neither too early nor too late. After getting old, Leo would only have a peaceful life, no ups and downs, vigorous, like another yourself.

The only thing to do is to remember those love and youth.


Virgo look extremely pragmatic apparently, but hide temperament of the artist inside. They would choose to leave when they still in love, they would always lose their feelings unknowingly. Or when love got old, Virgo would calm down and thing over the past exprience, and then respond with a self-deprecating smile, can only be the case.

Love always seems to be forced to aging, it is probably because Virgo's heart has long been senile.


Libra like to march fearlessly onward, though graceful, but often defeat in the end. They always think they have been greatly unbeaten, but unfortunately the truth is often not the case. 

They would remember the old love with old mood at the remaining days.


Sometimes the love by many hardships may not necessarily be the happiness, perhaps it is that the passion was exhausted during struggling, when love came, it seemed that everything was wrong. scorpio rolled sleeves and desperately snatched, when they could take breath and ease down, and might feel all already have been changed.

Whether or not to admit that there is no sign of old love, but there is lingering, it makes you do not know what went wrong in the end, but have to bear all the consequences of the pain.


Many people may feel shocked if I tell you Sagittarius are the most vain. Can such straightforward Sagittarius be so selfish? But in love, they are indeed, always let others see their bright side, severely fade those sadness.

Expressed in their face would be always the spring-like smile, love got old at the moment, this is a secret.


About that person, Capricorn may have never seen him, or once in the car, or in the subway once, saw her holding a child with another man, or next to a woman. Will find that he will be aging, will be fat, with no one around mediocre people are no different.

Love may already be old, but only until the moment of reunion Capricorn will wake up that love has already gotten old.


Proust described the fading love: when we hear his name we will not feel physical pain, when we see his handwriting we will not tremble, we will not change our travel route when we meet him in the street, emotional reality gradually became psychological reality and became our spiritual status: indifference and oblivion. In fact, when we love, we foresee the outcome of a future, and it is this foresee let our face covered with tears.

Aquarius should be like this, had foreseen the old love, tears shed early, and now what can make them hurted?


When love comes, languages ​​are feeble, so it  is the same when old love comes. They already know, or do not know, but just a dazed look, and hope this day to come later, but when it finally came, Pisces do not want to undertake.

In love, Pisces do not belong to anyone, including themselves. When love got old, but fortunately, Pisces could find long-lost themselves.