How decadent would 12 constellations act after love has gone?

Love is the world's most poisonous poison, but it itself is the antidote, only love can detoxicate. No love, no hope. The world is overshadowed without love. What would you do without love?

Let's have a look at the decadent Index for love of 12 constellations.

Aries:two stars

Once Aries people had made up their minds, they refused to give up until all hope is gone. They would be against all odds to achieve their goals. Once they had made decision, they did not entangle any more. In fact they are very sad.

Taurus:four stars

Taurus people are passionate, they seem unaffected, but in fact they are hurt in mind. The decadent Index for is for four stars.

They are always waiting in silence and sadness, even if the lovers has gone already.

Gemini:one star

Gemini people can quickly transfer their attention, they treat love just like water. They will never feel decadent. They are really heartless. . .

Cancer:four stars

Cancer people look silently, as if they were not attacked by the disappointment of love. But the decadent Index for love is for four stars. They are difficult to heal the injury in the heart, they need a long time to completely recover.

Leo:two stars

Leo people are cheerful and positive, they are generally able to quickly take heart from the lovelorn atmosphere. They would not show even if they were really decadent......

Virgo:two stars

Virgo people have very strong self-control, they will never be decadent for love. They are reasonable, simply, decisive. Since they have lost the romance, they would put down. This constellation people can afford to able to advance or retreat.

Libra:one star

Although Libra people are hesitant, but they have wide range of social circle. They have a lot of methods to forget and adjust. Don't think of that they are affectionate, in fact just can not make decision.

Scorpio:five stars

Scorpio people are very affectionate in love, love is purely good and important in their eyes. They are often decadent for love, and the decadent index for love is for five stars. But on the surface they will not show, only silently keep the pain in hearts.

Sagittarius:one star

Sagittarius people simply will not be decadent for love, they think everything comes naturally enough. They think it is not worthwhile for love to have bad mood. Sagittarius' optimism always makes themselves feel good.

Capricorn:three stars

Capricorn is a deep constellation, no matter how hard are they deeply hurt in love, they would always be very calm, perhaps their sense of responsibility makes themselves not to affect the other people. They always be able to pick up a capable look.

Aquarius:one star

This constellation does not care about anything at all, love is a thing of the past. It is more important to be happy and enjoy the life. Love absolutely can not determine their mood.

Piscis:five stars

This is a lingering constellation. They are often decadent for love. They feel that they simply live for love and they are Romeo. This constellation can discard all for love.