Which parts of the face to grow mole are conducive to career and love?

The First: The eyelids with nevussuffocate

From the nevus to say that people with nevus on the upper eyelid like free life, don't like to be constrained, it is very probable that they have no their own property and are always moving without fixed house. If the nevus type is good, they still have the good opportunity, if they can seize the opportunity they stll can push the development to the good direction; if the nevus type is not good, it will make you  suffocated, missed a lot of opportunities, career development is not good.

The Second:  Lower eyelid with nevus

People have a nevus under the eyelid will encounter many setbacks in the emotional aspects, when they are falling into love it is easy to occur the third person, they are also likely to be cheated by lovers. After marriage it is easy to disagree for children's growth and partner, thus affecting the relationship between husband and wife, if it is serious enough they will end in divorce.

The Third:  The end of the eye with nevus

Nevus on the eye end is also called peach nevus, the people will have exuberant peach blossom the whole life, luck with the opposite sex is very good, the desire is also very strong, these kinds of people are easy to be entangled by heterosexual, love life is not smooth. Relationships with the opposite sex that went well at the beginning, but were unable to continue, their first marriage is often hampered. If the nevus is black and bright indicats that the perosn can be engaged in dealing with the opposite sex business, and can have the harvest.

The Fourth:  Beside the nose with nevus

People with nevus on both sides of the nose usually have very frivolous personality, male is a play boy, female is a playgirl. They can not put the mind at work, so career development is not smooth, wealth is also not good. They spend money wastefully, and life is wasted.

The Fifth:  On the head of the nose with nevus

People with nevus on the head of the nose may get married several times, the relationship with opposite sex is confused with very strong sexual desire, there is a lascivious tendency, often make a failure because of sex. If the people can live longer, they also are lonely old people. Wealth is not good, all the money are spent also easy for a variety of reasons, and the life is rather hard.

The Sixth:   Below the mouth with nevus

People with nevus below the mouth long are perhaps the vagrant a lifetime,  even if they have the money, also not suitable to buy real estate. If the nevus shape is good, life can be more leisurely and comfortable; if the nevus is on the centre below the mouth, they are easily addicted to wine, and usually will have relatively feeble will and are difficult to have a big development.

The Seventh:  On the chin with nevus

People with nevus on chin can not live a stable life, if not change jobs frequently, but always move about without fixed abode. After the middle-aged they will encounter setbacks, and need to worry about the problem of children. If the nevus grows well, the life will be much better, with the increase of age, life will be more comfortable.