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How to make 12 constellations give true love?

Everyone has a threshold to measure love, as long as the person crossed his threshold, he would give true love to you. Do you want to know how to make constellation lovers give true love? Let's talk about it.

Aries - frank and good enough

Aries people are very frank and honest in love, they can not tolerate any sand in the eyes. Dealing with an Aries lover is like to encounter a small storm, you should always be prepared to encounter breathtaking tableau, you are like his prisoner forever, you should always remember "frank resist strict". 

When you fall in love with an Aires, when he tells you he likes you, then he sincerely likes you. However, his principles are more important than his love of course! Keep this in mind! Do not hide anything to him, if he really concerned about you, he would quietly grasp all your background information. He knows clear whether you tell the truth. If your subpeption contradicts his principles, Aries lover, especially an Aries woman will show the most hard-hearted expression. Your Aries lover would break up with you firmly. But he would be crying heavily until dawn alone.

Once an Aries lover makes sure that you're the right person, an Aries man will cook delicious ribs soup for you, an Aries woman will be a good wife, nice mother, she will be really excellent and gentle to you.

Can you meet their principles?

Taurus - Practical, beautiful

Taurus people look like selecting lover for someone else, in fact, they are more devoted than anyone else. Taurus always use their own metrics to choose lovers for the others. I'm afraid they are looking for lovers for themselves. 

Thoughtfulness and tenderness of Taurus have a strong target, they implied again and again. They always wanted to give you a surprise, give you a romantic surprise! However, if you did not eat this set of surprises, they would be sad and defeated. If they think you are intractable, incapble or unloyal, also unable to earn money, then they would break up with you!

The text messages would have fewer and fewer words, and later they would not return to your text messages. You'd better not ingore Taurus lovers, otherwise they will transfer their goals onto others.

Gemini - Beauty and temperament coexist

Gemini people are smart, they pay attention to people's appearance, deportment and temperament. They look like frivolous, however they are good at choosing lovers, they will certainly choose the excellent lovers. But they are too picky, sometimes even lost the focus.

They think of a lot of exterior factors, so sometimes they tend to ignore some of the most basic virtues of the opposite sex. With them, you will have a lifetime to do the feeling of a lover.

Do you love to fall in love for a lifetime?

Cancer - Can hold you

Cancer people are gentle and attentive. They are sometimes very naughty as a child. Sometimes they may make you mad as a wet hen. You will feel sad if you lose them, sometimes you feel that they are the world's most thoughtful people. But you must always be sure to be loyal to them in love.

Many of them are eager to have a warm home, although sometimes they arrange their family in the traces, however, it is certainly that they do not realize. You'd better clearly tell them, they will change and do good. You can do wrong, but do not break their hearts. When they find out they are only a temporary inventory, they will not hesitate to leave you.

They will not meet you, they may tell you the truth on the phone patiently, however, when they have decided to break up, it is very hard to change. Cancer people are very stubborn in love.

Do not hurt them, can you do this?

Leo - say intimate words

Leo people are direct and sure in love, if they think you are the right person, so this has been decided. They are definitely warm ocean, willing to give you money, of course, willing to put in some effort to set numerous tests to you. They can become a detective for love. They wanted to grasp all of your status and parameters, and firmly in control of your whereabouts in hand. Do not be a betrayal, do not cheat! As long as you lied, which would change their love. You'd better not care about their own private life, this is not your concern! Leo are just like the king!

But to tell the truth, it is really a pleasure to fall in love with Leo. They are handsome men and beautiful women, also a little narcissistic. It is like to eat ice cream to fall in love with Leo, you will feel very sweet, gentle and silky smooth in heart. This constellation is the easiest to coax, as long as you tell them that they are how beautiful, how you need them, they will be melted and disoriented.

You must protect the heartthrob Leo a lifetime. Are you willing to do so?

Virgo - pursue positively in frank attitude

Virgo people are smart and have their own unique insights for everything and everyone, you do not have to explain too much, as long as you perform well, they will naturally accept you, and vice versa. Perhaps you think Virgo people do not need sweet words, this is not true. Everyone likes sweet words, Virgo further believe that practice makes perfect. Virgo can be said to be the most qualified supervisor at work, and sometimes you may get them wrong. You might think Virgo people are not active in love. In fact, they are very concerned about their love, sometimes they look forward for solid love, but they will not pin in love. Although they speak sharply, but they are really very nice and fair, they are easy to get along with and also worthy of the long-term coexistence.

If you want to learn to love Virgo, you'd better use your mind to love. Their love is like treasure, as long as you are diligent, you will have deeper and more love like a treasure. The problem is if you take a shovel or not?

Libra - boundless charm

Libra people will not pursue you madly, they will write you into the novel. They will not tease you maliciously, they will say they are happy to help you. They will not perform very positively, unless your lover is firm. They are steady and stable in love, they will not want to change lovers because they feel it too much trouble. Most of them have artistic talent and are willing on helping you free of charge, as long as you do them good sincerely. They are willing to teach and help you a lot. They have their own likes and dislikes, but they are able to endure. Only they endure within a limited degree, once they outbreak, they will never look back.

You will always wander in a relaxed atmosphere if you fall in love with Libra, they will not make you feel embarrassed, they are graceful for emergencies, They believe that the common like is more important than sexual attraction.

When you fall in love with Libra, you will find that your lover has many friends, can you guarantee that you will not feel jealous´╝č

Scorpio - Stir up people's passions

Scorpio are best at seeing through you from your eyes action. They are able to penetrate all things. Only your sincere love can touch their hearts, do not pull a smart trick with them, they are the experts. Your tricks will only make you ridiculous.

In fact, Scorpio are easy to get along with, because they are very practical, they will never refuse you for unimportant things, of course, do not act too much. They can bear your occasional gaffe, they will not put in mind. You'd rip your mask if your lover is a Scorpio. But if you are unloyal in love, you'd better just be friends with them! They are very serious in love, they are afraid to be cheated.

Love is passionate and romantic if you fall in love with Scorpio, they will take care of you, they are kind-hearted philanthropists. However, they are narrow-minded, you have to learn to soothe them often. You need to give them time to explain the reasons for what you did. If you did wrong, you'd better acknowledge in time.

There is a problem: You can not be a bad guy. But they will not let you know when they want to be the bad guys, do you want such kind of life?

Sagittarius - feel wronged for Sagittarius

Sagittarius' biggest advantage is optimistic, they are also pessimistic sometimes, they believe in tomorrow will be more beautiful. Sagittarians have much privacy, you will find that they did not tell you many things. Of course they are well-intentioned to do so, but you will feel they are too self-righteous. Sometimes, you will hear them complain that the others do not care for them, but they really asked for it themselves. They refused to open their hearts in love, this kind of relationship is indeed very unfair for you.

However, marriage is the turning point for them, as long as they hope to get married, they will become another person completely. They will take the initiative to throw away the previous ambiguous friends or lovers after marriage. They will not do bad thing for family.

There is a problem: They have such a big difference before and after marriage, how many people dare to make so bold gambling? Do you dare?

Capricorn - have Connotation, bold and crazy

Capricorn people are absolutely clever. They calculate carefully, and seldom have losses. Perhaps they would like to take some risks at a young age, however after taking adventure, they would no longer do again. If you meet a very stable Capricorn lover, and he never makes adventure. Rest assured! He was once crazy absolutely as romance novel. Capricorn have a good memory, they may eat loss, they will endure and not make the second mistake. You can have very many opportunities to criticize other people "stupid" fool "pig", however, you could have very few such opportunities to criticize Capricorn. If you really scolded them, you would have to pay for it!

Capricorn people are narrow-minded, in fact, this is very hard to explain. They are very preoccupied, but they also pay attention to  the overall situation, they are a group of very interesting people in the case of the overall situation. They have a good memory and comprehensive consideration, they can even remember the last detail. 

Capricorn can be said to the good companion at home, but also a mentor. However, there is a problem, Capricorn people are actually lascivious, a group of, regardless of the ages corps worship them. One day when you are surprised to find this, can you still bear it?

Aquarius - empathy, kind, innocent

You will be injured if falling in love with Aquarius, because 98% of Aquarius are love deserters, they may want to love, but they always hold back, or sometimes cold sometimes warm. You may think that they played plot, but it is not true. Aquarius people are afraid of love. They also know that they are not good at love.  They are ambiguous experts, they are not afraid to make jokes, but they are absolutely afraid of love. Love for them is a terrible thing. You will hurt yourself if falling in love with them, unless you are very firm, very gentle, very stable. Otherwise, they will try best to change love to nothing in various ways. You may never know they once liked you so much.

Life is so beautiful, love is so painful ~ Aquarius people are timid, so they are generally easy to be attracted by stableness, but Aquarius is an air sign, it is destined to have a pair of wings. As long as you are willing to have a forgiving heart to an Aquarius lover, he will slowly stop and no longer flying. He can give up his angelic life, and never minds the ordinary life, makes your life full of fun. It is valuable that both men and women would like to support their lovers. They are most likely to steal the show, but they also know best how to retreat. The best memory and the worst memory belong to Aquarius at the same time.

They really have wings in heart, do you have so great courage to love them?

Pisces - hold Pisces

Pisces people always have very much romantic love stories in heart, you're just one of them. What a mess to fall in love with them! They are often not clear what they should do, they always make themselves messy, but they are cute from a certain point of view. When you fall in love With Pisces, you will find that they are narrow-minded, they require so much, however, you can not ask to them, you'd better just praise them, they always have reasons to refute your comments back. Pisces people can manage everything well enough, they are good at dealing with complex human relations, they can take care of your family and make you feel very satisfied. When they intend to love you and get married with you seriously, they will take care of you from top to bottom, and always create a romantic atmosphere, and introduce their friends to you one by one.

Pisces people are easily lost children in love. Can you know the way when falling in love with Pisces? There is no map on the road of life, be careful!