What words of 12 constellation girls can make boyfriends happiest?


Men always say their love words to women. However, love is paid in both directions. Sometimes constellation women take the initiative to say a few moving love words, even a few words, will make men ecstatic. Take a look at the secret words of women in different constellations.

Aries woman, lion woman: honey, I'm sorry.

Men can't be blamed for playing the role of tolerance and doting on women in emotional relationships, but constellation women can't always be domineering. They have to fight to win or lose in a quarrel. This time, men have to bow their heads first, and men's patience is limited. At certain critical moments, especially when you do something beyond his principle bottom line, causing a quarrel, or he is angry and anxious, if you can put down your body and try to calm his mood. Not only can he win his forgiveness, but also he can reflect on his mistakes in time.

Taurus female, Capricorn female: ha ha~

He shares the joy of his work with you, you say & ldquo; Um & rdquo; It was an understatement; He told you the funny experiences he met, the humorous stories he saw and the cold jokes. Your facial expressions didn't respond & hellip& hellip; He either thinks you are too boring, or he feels lost because he can't bring you happiness. Baby, relax your expression, respond to his humor and humor with the brightest smile, and make life full of happiness, okay?

Two children, Aquarius girl: your friends are so interesting.

You always hope that he can accept your best friend and friend. You hate that he interferes with your freedom of making friends and that she prevents or interferes with your invitation to friends. So baby, you should also respect his friends and his friends. Although men's gathering is not only wine, but also wine. They often come home late, which is annoying, don't forget to say to him when expressing your dissatisfaction: & ldquo; Your friends are very interesting;. When maintaining your circle of friends, don't forget to show up and smile in his circle of friends.

Cancer woman, Pisces woman: it's really hot during the day. It should be very suitable to do sports at night!

He always takes the initiative to ask for sex. After a long time, it is inevitable that he will have some ideas and some will not be interested. You might as well learn to be bold. If you are ashamed to open your mouth at the beginning, try to hint him with words to show that you want to interact closely with him and that you are not blindly accommodating him. You think you can make him ecstatic and brave.

Virgo, Scorpio: it's not your fault.

Dear, ladies of these two constellations, please stop your complaints and accusations. Who hasn't encountered setbacks outside? Whether he fails to win the election or is scolded by his boss, you should give him understanding and support to eliminate his frustration. If what comes out of your mouth at this time is still blame and dissatisfaction with him, then you will really destroy all his self-confidence and willpower, and really destroy him! Only the selflessness of family members is the biggest driving force for a man to cheer up again!

Libra woman, Sagittarius woman: you make me better!

These two constellations are people who feel good about themselves. One is narcissistic and the other is conceited. They always feel that they are the best. You can maintain this confidence, but if you attribute it to your partner and let him know his influence and significance to you and the relationship, how will he feel happy and fulfilled? This will move him more than any return!