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What words of 12 constellation girls can make boyfriends happiest?


Constellation women always like to hear touching soft nothings from men. However, love is bi-directional. Sometimes if women take the initiative to say a few touching soft nothings words, even a few words will make men ecstatic. Let's look at the different love codewords for different constellation women.

Aries female, Leo female: Honey, I'm sorry.

It is all right for men to forgive and spoil women in love, but women should not always have domineering posture, and fight to win or lose. They ask men to give in firstly, but a man's patience also has limit. At some key moments, especially if you quarrelled because what you did exceeded his underline, he was very angry, at this time if you can get off one's high horse, try to calm his emotions. He will not only forgive you, but also reflect on his wrongs timely.

Taurus female, Capricorn female: ha ha ha ha ~

He shares the joy of work with you, you deal with an "ah" casually. He tells the interesting experience, humorous story and jokes to you, but your facial expressions are unresponsive ......He will think you are too boring or feel disappointed about your attitude. Baby, relax your expressions and response to his funny, humor with the most hearty smiles to make life full of happiness.

Gemini female, Aquarius female: Your friends are really interesting.

You always hope that he will accept your girlfriends, buddies, and hate him to interfere with your freedom of making friends. Well baby, you should also respect his friends. Although men like to drink together and are late home too, when you express your dissatisfaction, do not forget to tell him: "Your friends are very interesting." Usually in the maintenance of your circle of friends, do not forget his circle of friends. You'd better respect him.

Cancer female, Pisces Female: It is really hot during the day, evening exercise should be very fit!

It is always he to take initiative to ask for sex, it will inevitably make him have some ideas with time. He may feel uninterested in. You may also wish to learn to become bold, you'd better try to use words to imply to him that you want to have close interaction with him. He will feel ecstatic and behave unparalleled.

Virgo female, Scorpio female: It's not your fault.

You'd better stop complaining and blaming. Everyone will suffer a setback. You should give more understanding and support to eliminate his frustration. If you go on blaming, then you really will defeat all his self-confidence and willpower, you will really destroy him! Only the family's selfless support can make man restore the prestige!

Libra female, Sagittarius female: You made me better!

These two constellations are people who feel good about themselves, one is very narcissistic, one is very overconfident. You can keep this confidence, but if you can attribute to the other half, and let the person know that he has great impact and significance on this relationship. This would make him more impressed than anything else!