Lucky Fengshui of 12 constellations workplace

For office workers, a good working environment and condition will not only make themselves happy and concentrate on work, but also can make others feel comfortable and warm. From the fengshui point of view, a good working environment may bring you more good luck. Let us look at how the 12 constellations of the workers could arrange a good workplace fengshui to have good luck.


Aries people are always open and above board, you would like to work in a bright environment. Therefore, you pay much attention to the office lighting, a well-lit office environment can be fully consistent with your requirements. The layout of the entire office should be dark green predominantly, so full of outdoor atmosphere will greatly enhance your passion, you will not be easy to feel tired. Your impulsive character is prone to cause confusion on the financial management. You'd better spray some perfume in the office to help stabilize the mood, so you can play better at work and have flourishing wealth.

Workplace Taboo: Do not hang some strange abstract pictures on the wall, the color system of the pictures should not be reddish color, because it may affect your subconscious mind and damage your mood. The more curvaceous, simple painting can play the positive role for Aries.


Although Taurus people are confident, but sometimes you are inevitably lack of courage. You'd better place the desk in the south in order not to bring negative mood. You can also put a small bowl around the door to enhance your wealth luck. Your art appreciation and food intake are very striking, you are always critical for environment, so carefully designed office will be consistent with your high taste. You can also place elderberry in the drawer to improve your wealth luck.

Workplace Taboos: Taurus people should not place vine plants in the office, indoor plants are woody plants best because large leaves can block the evil and absorb bad energy, but vine plants will absorb your energy.


Gemini people are very curious about the new informations, the probability of buying a variety of fanciful books is very high, so you should have a big bookcase in the office. You can place sound system around the desk to listen to music constantly. You can also put some small toys in the drawer to play during the break, which will reduce irritable mood during work. The pink pen can also give you continual energy.

Workplace taboo: Do not put some sharp metal objects on the desk, you may hurt yourself.


Cancer people have strong sense of family, no more than family photos and other items can make you happy, so you can place the family photos on your desk to make you work more harder. Blue is your lucky color, you can also put saxifrage into beautiful glass bottle for decoration to increase your luck!

Workplace Taboos: Do not put too much things on the right side of your desk, you'd better put your cup, file folders, books on the left side of the desk.


The overbearing Leo people like sensual and light stimulation and attach importance to high material standard of living, therefore you should place larger luxury items in the office. You'd better put some silver ornaments in the office to bring you more interests to delve into your work. If you've already haven a lover, do not forget to place your group photo in the office, and put two pieces of mint leaves behind the frame, then you will be together forever.

Workplace Taboo: Do put place too many obstacles at the doorway, if doing so will not only affect your mood, but also indirectly lead to bad luck of job and relationship.


Virgo people are well-known for the squeamish, clean and tidy is essential for you. If you are arranged to sit near the toilet, I'm afraid that you may resign immediately. However, your aesthetic standard is very high, especially for the design of new office supplies. You'd better put an umbrella in the office at any time to make you calmly deal with weather mutations.

Workplace Taboos: Do not sit near the toilet, for it is quite negative for your wealth and business .


You can place a beautiful wardrobe and a small box in your office to store your clothes and adornments because you like to be beautiful so much. You'd better put some small porcelains to avoid the unnecessary trouble but bring you great help.

Workplace Taboos: The best office location is in the middle, the most taboo location is around the corner of the doorway, a prominent position will increase your popularity.


You were born with a fatal attraction. People generally think that Scorpio can not separate from the bed, bed is very important for Scorpio. Therefore, you can put a folded bed sofa in the office to make sexy Scorpio become more attractive. You'd better place a large mirror in the southwest of the office, and hang a sachet above the mirror, in order to increase your popularity and make financial situation become better.

Workplace Taboos: Do not arrange your office location at the entrance of the door, if only to sit there, it is best to set an active water feature or a fish tank, because water can transform field and turn bad gas into good gas, so it will have a positive benefit to the overall development for you and your company.


Sagittarius people are passionate and restless, you are glad to accept new things, although you are not very interested in decorating your office, but you may as well change your curtain. You'd better change into pink yellow color system, plant a number of dandelions in the office, spray some lemon perfume with tobacco taste, so as to make you stay awake as could as possible. Do not make a decision in the buzz, otherwise you may fall into the trap of worthless fellow. So you'd rather miss investment opportunities, and do not cause huge financial losses because of momentary carelessness.

Workplace Taboos: You are vivacious motor type, female should avoid spending too strong perfume, because it is easy to have a bad association to your boss.


Capricorn people have workaholic tendency, the office is another home for you, it is a good idea to move the whole things in your home to your office. Your strict personality may make the opposite sex misunderstand that it is difficult to be close to you! If you do customer service work, you'd better decorate your office into orange tune, light should also be soft, so your body can be covered with a warm feeling, and you will gain many part-time jobs or more opportunities to earn extra money.

Workplace Taboos: You've already suppressed yourself usually, so your office space must not be too small, it is best to retain some space in front of the desk to accumulate lucky gas.


Aquarius people never do things according to common sense, you may feel it is good to work at home, eat in the office and rest in the cafeteria. You can do anything in the office, for it is a place to display yourself. You like to sit freely, so an adjustable angle of the sofa can best meet your casual attitude towards life. You are very assertive, white or beige are your lucky colors, you'd better always open the windows. You can use blue curtain, place a lovely off-white lamp on the desk to greatly increase your personality charm.

Workplace Taboo: You'd better sit in the fiscal position of the office, that the door diagonally, and the position should be bright and clean. Do not put false blossom, for it may play opposite effect.


Pisces people are very romantic, your yearning for the office comes from a beautiful fantasy, you like the pink things very much. You can place some beautiful pink flowers in the southeast and eat some figs to add your strength, which can certainly improve your luck.

Workplace Taboo:  Do not place screen, otherwise it may block the good wealth luck.

We are not sure whether the above ways can bring good luck to 12 constellations, but we can determine that if the office keeps clean, orderly, then people will feel warm and comfortable, of course you will have very good mood at work.