How to make your office have a good Fengshui?


In the workplace, some people will be able to have good performance, and have good luck in career and wealth; while some people will be blocked everywhere, and it is difficult to make money. To cast aside the personal ability, luck and other factors, the office fengshui has a great relationship. The environment is a fengshui magnetic field, good magnetic field can bring good luck; bad magnetic field also can recruit with bad luck. Desk fengshui is a very important part in office fengshui. The good or bad fengshui of desk has a direct impact on the fortune.

This article would like to introduce how to create a prosperous desk feng shui with good luck in career and wealth.

First.  Back row desk seat is better

If there are many people at the same office, then the back row desk seat is better. The back part of the office can gather wind and store qi. You can both see other people's behavior, but also protect your privacy. This is the best position of the office. Besides the back seat is best not to be the aisle, because without backer will lead to helplessness and no progress. If you have no backer and can not change, you'd better place a Stone Mountain behind your seat to resolve.

Second. The rational arrangement of desktop

You should also pay attention to arrange your desktop. We have "Green Dragon is on the left, White Tiger is on the right." in fengshui. Green Dragon is the auspicious orientation, the higher the better. The items on the left side should be higher than the right side of the desk. In addition, "dragon fears quiet, tiger fears trouble," so you'd better put voiced items on the left side, and put unmovable items on the right side. Higher Dragon orientation could make you get the boss's appreciation and salary raise easily. But all the items on the desk must not be higher than your head. This is a big taboo.

Third. Careful selection of desk items

Office computer is now the main tool in the office, its five elements are fire in fengshui. So you can put crystal next to the computer in order to reduce the computer's fire. Crystals wiht different colors have different meanings. Powder crystal is good for love and marriage, hair crystal is good for wealth. You'd better choose suitable crystal according to your own needs.

In addition, many people like to put plants on the desktop. You'd better choose bamboo, such as asparagus, lucky bamboo, etc., to decorate desk, relieve visual fatigue and have good popularity. Plants should be placed in a sunny location. If there is no sunshine, you'd better place a yellow lamp above the plants. Also, you'd better clean up your desktop tidy to keep you have clear mind. 

Fourth. Choose the auspicious mascot according to favorite and taboo of Eight Characters 

A lot of people like to put mascot on the desk in order to increase their fortune. You'd better choose the auspicious mascot according to your favorite and taboo of Eight Characters.  For example, if metal is your favorite in horoscopes, you'd better choose copper and metal mascot. You should make sure to choose the right orientation to place mascot. You'd better use "To reinforce or counteract each other" as the standard of choice.

You'd better choose the type according to your needs. if you want to add your own flourishing wealth , you can choose toad, brave, Lucky cow, etc., you'd better put on the position with good wealth luck. If you want to add love fortune, you can choose powder crystal on the desk peach bits. If you want to add your own career fortune, you can place Wenchang Tower, Bronze Horse, Yang Hao on desk Wenchang bit.