Fengshui taboos of the office desk


Whether government officials or local leaders, whether the shop owners or managers of the company, the leader's office and the desk placement are very essential. As auspicious gas field has a certain assistance for human courage and wisdom, thereby affecting the rise and fall of business, career success or failure. The following desk fengshui knowledges are for your reference.

One: backing is helpful to promotion

The first point to place desk is to have backing. If the aisle is behind the back, office will be relatively less secure, you may feel uneasy. But it is all right have wall behind your back, or place desk or low cabinet.

Two: wide space in the front of the desk, boundless prospects

In front of the desk should be open and wide, not narrow. If it is facing the wall, it seems that the future is blocked by a wall, there is no way to expand good luck.

Three: no aisle in front of or beside the desk, promotion unhindered

The aisle can not be in front of or beside the desk, otherwise there will have bad influence.

Four: no pillar in front of the desk, will not go wrong

If there are pillars in front of the seat, it seems to be given a timely warning, you would make a big mistake in your career and you are usually easy to have a headache.

Five: too close to the door

Seat near the door means you may have poor office efficiency, the higher the farther away from the door. It is also the same for the staff, you'd better choose a considerable position according to rank.

Six: opposite the door or road, should set screens or short cabinet

If the desk opposites the door or road, which would affect your health, it is very likely to have accidents and disasters. You may have the significant obstacles for work and promotion.

Seven: top pressure beam

If the desk is under the beam, you'd better pay particular attention. You may be easily restlessness, dizzy and make mistakes. You'd better move forward in order to avoid.

Eight: seat encounters cutaway

The seat must not meet asymmetrical aisle or seat. If sitting in this place work, you may become unfavorable. The friction and misunderstanding between colleagues will occur.

Nine: the boss cashbox, seat should be discreet

It there are cash income daily, it is best to place the cashbox in secret place, and preferably near your seat.

Ten: boss desk must be bigger than staff

Generally the boss's desk should be bigger than the staff's, so it is correct. If not big enough, you'd better place some cabinets near the desk to increase majesty. Thus the boss can smoothly direct employees.

Desk placement taboos

Desk placement taboos mainly refer to the inappropriate orientation, leaders or businessmen may feel discomfortable at work. Desk placement taboos mainly have the following four cases:

  • Do not back to the door, which is the most taboo.
  • Do not keep side to the door, otherwise you may be interfered at work, work will be inefficiency, but also affect your health.
  • Do not put the aisle near the window, you would be affected by evil spirit and peeked by others.
  • Do not arrange windows behind the seat.

In addition, it is unfavorable for businessmen to sit by the window. It will disrupt the human spirit, make your body easily lose balance, make you sick. The light comes from behind the window, so you just get a backlight, backlight impedes your vision. Also you can not get a solid barrier. If the window sill is too short, you may also inadvertently fall down, so you'd better avoid.