Ideal fengshui for bedroom

The ideal bedroom fengshui is that family members have bedrooms for their own orientation. In other words, the owner couple living in the northwest orientation (from the center of the room) room the long male living in the East, the eldest daughter living in the southeast, the elderly living in the southwest. As for the other members of the family living in which directions are not a problem.

The relationship of the compartment, the family is not suited to their orientation room, you can take a satisfied should be the orientation of the twelve Earthly Branches. For example: Shen was born, living in the southwest of application orientation; Xu-year-old, living in the Northwest. Some people may say, the bedroom just for sleeping only, but also pay attention to what direction it? In fact, this idea is wrong. Day one-third of the time in sleep, so the bedroom is quite substantial role in all the good and bad.

Bedroom guitar phase, fatigue can be fully eliminated, it is easy to be able to restore vitality. As for the evil phase bedroom on to die, no matter how long sleep time, still can not eliminate the tired, exhausted the result of long-standing and, gradually will affect health.

Once aware of the bedroom is evil phase, as far as possible in order to adapt to each individual, or by virtue of their twelve Earthly Branches to decide each bedroom.

Especially the master bedroom of the couple and the elderly Bedroom reversed, or the child sleeping in the north-west, the master couple sleeping in the East Room, the situation will be worse still, can be replaced at any time.