Scorpio guardian Crystal - Turquoise



Scorpio people are very attractive. People would be be affected by their strong character when dealing with them, sometimes might be afraid of. Scorpio people have a pair of very sharp eyes, they could perceive all the subtle changes, see through other's inner thoughts and accurately grasp the human weakness. In addition, Scorpio people are mysterious, aggressive, jealous, fanatical and uncompromising, they would give people a deep and strong impression.

You'd better become friend with Scorpio but not be enemy, because Scorpio people have strong intention of retaliation and would remember forever if you offended them. They would fight you back heavily and suddenly, which might make you regret to offend such an acrid constellation. However, if you have been identified as Scorpio's friend, then (although it is somewhat difficult), that then you would be very lucky, because Scorpio people would definitely treat friends at their lives. You could talk about everything with them. Scorpio people are not only the good listeners, but also the good helpers. They would give you the most correct opinion with their calm and sharp minds, which would definitely make you feel lucky to have such friends.

Scorpio people are not suitable for the crystal with strong magnetic field

Scorpio itself is an extremely sensitive constellation. Scorpio people would be easy to sense the magnetic field changes like other constellaions. So it is not suitable for Scorpio to wear crystal with strong magnetic field, such as tourmaline, hair crystal, titanium crystal and so on. This is not to say that Scorpio could not wear crystal with strong magnetic field, and would not be out of their bearings
like Pieces. But too strong magnetic field would intensify Scorpio's unstable character, thus would make their ideas more intense, they would more easily get into a dead end.

Scorpio guardian crystal is turquoise

Generally, people think that Topaz and malachite are Scorpio guardian crystals (in fact there are a lot of stories, which will not be detailed here). But Topaz is weaker for Scorpio, though malachite can suppress Scorpio's mood, but it would be more easier to guide Scorpio towards self-repression. Therefore, the most suitable guardian crystal for Scorpio should be turquoise.

Someone might think that turquoise's color does not match well with Scorpio. It seems that dark red or purple would be more suitable for Scorpio. It is precisely this immiscible sense that could explain the suppressed personality. Because green turquoise itself played a release of self-efficacy, it could help Scorpio get rid of controlling themselves and release their emotions, so as to know how to express themselves.

It is said that turquoise could prevent people from self-destruction. If they encountered insurmountable difficulties, turquoise would prevent them from depression and pain. However, Scorpio people have strong self-consciousness, they'd better wear turquoise or turquoise for long-term to achieve this effect.

Turquoise's effect

Turquoise is one of the crystals with full of positive energy. The ancient people believed that they could use turquoise to communicate with heaven and earth. In fact, it does have a balanced force. It is different from the calm balanced power of other crystals, it has an incentive role. Turquoise could not directly dispel our negative magnetic field. But we could use its magnetic field to reconcile our own contradictions.

Turquoise's magnetic field is more a warm nature of the magnetic field, it could affect us. If we thought that we could not escape troubles, it would encourage us to escape the conventional shackles and our own ties, it would use a way that we've never thought of to solve our problems. This way might make us shocked, but in this process we would deeply appreciate that we've been controlling our lives all the time.

Turquoise represents a balance (Perhaps this is why Tibetan are so fond of turquoise, in the legendary turquoise also can enhance communication between the material and spiritual worlds). You'd better wear and play Turquoise to gradually release your depression and make you calm down.

Turquoise is ideal for people with depressive tendencies, as well as people who are confused on the fate. Turquoise is a crystal with a strong magnetic field, its power could make us feel strong and stable. It also could help us to resist a clearer idea of ​​the vulnerability from the heart, and enhance our sense of trust for ourselves.

For those confused about the fate, they would use a radical means to evade and deceive themselves without responsibility for their own destiny. The turquoise is able to make the people realize that fate is sometimes very complex, while sometimes it is particularly simple. The obtained opportunities are what we chose and decided before, we'd better take our own responsibility, and not others, or other things.

How to identify Turquoise

As a gem-quality crystal, you have to spend much money to buy the natural turquoise. Because the texture of turquoise is relatively soft, so it would be difficult to make jewelry from it. And mineral veins are less and less, so natural turquoise is really rare.

Now there are three kinds of turquoises in the market, which are dyed, glue, pure synthetic. The first two might have some spiritual existence, but the last has no meaning, which could only be an ornament. So please do not mind its strange shape and appearance if you like turquoise, because it is very difficult to polish it. You'd better love its primitive charm.

The use of and decontamination turquoise 

The best location is wearing turquoise on the neck, or chest. Of course, it is a good choice between the eyebrows. Wearing it between eyebrows could directly affect people's magnetic field and spirit. But turquoise could make women more charmful in ancient times. But but we are not in modern times, so sometimes we might have to give up what we favor.

The best method of purifying turquoise is to use moonlight. Originally, water purification method was the most suitable for Scorpio (if there are other crystals, it is recommended to use this method to purify, which is definitely better than other purification methods). But turquoise itself is not suitable to be purified by water because of its particularity. It is more suitable to be put under the moonlight on 15th for as long time as possible. so it could play a greater effect.

How to take care of turquoise

Turquoise's texture is rather special, which makes it more difficult to be taken care of. You'd better try to avoid prolonged illumination, for a lot of heat would make turquoise damaged. So you'd better try to avoid direct sunlight and staying at the place with high temperature. Our sweat and liquid with irritative liquid would affect turquoise, so you'd better use mineral water or turquoise to make purification. Sweat or liquid would make turquoise change colors, it is possibly because of this that turquoise was considered as the precious stone to test of loyalty to the heart in ancient times. The ancient people thought it would change color if the wearer had changed heart.