Detailed explanation of Scorpio in 12 constellations


Scorpio (eighth house) October 23-24 ~ November 21-22

  • Constellation alias: Scorpio in the west, Scorpio in the sun and Scorpio in the common name.
  • Symbolic meaning: scorpion, scorpion tail, eagle.
  • Constellation nature: fixed type, fixed house, stable and continuous.
  • Constellation symbol: water sign, fixed constellation of Yin, female and prolific.
  • Guardian planets: Mars, Pluto.
  • Relative Constellation: Taurus.
  • Patron saint: Greece Hades Rome Pluto
  • Birthstone: Opal
  • Lucky stone: topaz, ruby, opal
  • From October 24 to November 2, zone 1 is tourmaline (rose, Fuchsia, green and pure blue are the best, pink and yellow are the second, and colorless is the second)
  • Area 2 from November 3 to November 12 is Moonstone (silver, light blue halo)
  • Garnet in zone 3 from November 13 to November 22
  • Lucky place: near the water
  • Lucky day: Tuesday
  • Weakness: negative, pessimistic, often with a latent sense of crisis
  • Symbol: Scorpion
  • Ruler: Pluto, Mars
  • Ruling house: the eighth house
  • Yin Yang: negative
  • Constellation formula: I want, I need.
  • Constellation formula: production, creation, infiltration and divorce.
  • Temple planets: Mars, Pluto.
  • Powerful planet: Uranus.
  • Weak Planet: moon.
  • Joy in life: Mystery and enthusiasm
  • Pain in life: exposure, interrupting, and speaking ill of yourself behind your back
  • The most predestined Constellation: cancer Pisces
  • Auspicious gem: Ruby, opal
  • Auspicious plants: thistle root grass, absinthe, fairy palm
  • Secluded places, vineyards, luxurious entertainment places, the latest hotels and prosperous places.
  • Living conditions: hidden, mysterious and antique furniture.
  • Ideal country of residence: Norway, Malaysia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Australia, the United States, Arab countries, Greece, Italy and other mysterious countries
  • Body parts: reproductive organs, bladder, rectum, prostate, kidney, external sex organ, uterus, nose, regeneration and immune system, etc.
  • Constellation diseases: hemorrhoids, bladder, prostate, prostate gland diseases, etc.
  • Positive characteristics: motivated, insightful, executive, resourceful, determined, enthusiastic, scientific, good at exploring secrets and clear-minded.
  • Negative characteristics: vindictive, neurotic, furtive, arrogant, violent, sarcastic, suspicious, jealous and intolerant.

The people of this constellation have a strong sixth sense, mysterious visiting ability and attraction. They often work by intuition; Although he has keen observation, he often decides everything by feeling. Scorpio is strong, uncompromising and very competitive. This is a self demanding self transcendence to fill the deep desire without interruption. Because of this, the scorpion people always have a goal in mind. They have great perseverance, and with indomitable fighting spirit and fighting power, they move towards the goal carefully.

Also because of the water sign, it is sentimental and sensitive emotionally, but it is self-centered and completely ignores the views of others. Usually they are affectionate and affectionate. Although they seem calm, gentle and quiet on the surface, they are turbulent inside. They are brave and active when they decide to act, which belongs to the type of daring to love and hate.

Scorpios are cold on the outside, warm inside, curious and have a good eye. They are born with a magnetic force to attract others, and their whole body emits a vibrant, exciting and charming smell. Although Scorpio people are born with the ability of reasoning and analysis, and can see through the difficulties they face at a glance, their intuition is more acute, so they often do not play cards according to the card theory.

He likes facing difficulties, not because he has a special hobby for difficulties, but because he wants to know how he will react when facing difficulties. Be innovative, bold, brave, and like power. You should always restrain your strong will and autocratic tendency. Arrogant personality and impulsive behavior are easy to establish enemies. You should be more tolerant of other people's different ideas and styles. He is an outstanding talkative character, very popular, showing an independent and orderly spirit and keen diplomatic ability. He can easily get what he wants from his friends, so he may be easily spoiled and become self-centered.

In a word, Scorpio is a subtle and complex person who has a strong sense of responsibility, toughness, concept, organization (Organization), strong willpower, strong desire to dominate, has unique insights into the mysteries of life, and always has plenty of energy --“ Mixture ”.