The three personalities of Scorpio

Scorpio people are clever and attrctive with strange ability to impress others, but you would feel pressure when facing Scorpio people. It would be hard to open the scorpion's heart door. Also, they would often maintain a certain distance with people.

I am a Scorpio woman, between the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. I'm a typical Scorpio. So far, I am familiar with numerous Scorpio with different types, partial balance of the Libra of scorpio, the pure blood of the scorpion, and partial balance of Sagittarius of scorpio. We could could really know each other. Let me introduce the different scorpion characters  to you as following.

The First. Partial Libra of Scorpio

Male: He would be pendulous as a real tease, although he would be very serous in normal times, but he still would have high grade and pursuit.

He would be fond of perfection with high demand of others, and he would never talk about his own demand. He would come to you anytime, and disappear without saying a few words. If you paid no attention to him, he would be very hot, but if you were warm to him then he would pay no attention to you. He would lie without any hesitation with serious self-centered tendency.

Female: She would be very casual, and sometimes indecisive, her taste would be super good. Also she would be very critical, so it would be hard to know what she was thinking or doing, In particular if she did not want to tell you, she would hide the eyes of mass destruction. But if you looked into carefully, you would see her with endless style of mass destruction with highly stylized goddess.

The Second. Pure blood of Scorpio

Male: He would be extremely tedious with full of charm and fatal attraction power. It would be difficult to change his evaluation of you if he had his own definition. He might be dissatisfied with existing life, so he would love to complain. But he would always be moving towards one direction, for he would be a man of action with mature mind. But he would have weak power of abstraction to sex.

Female: You could not only use the word of charming to describe her sexy, especially her eyes, would have full of power and unexpected enthusiasm. She would be big Sister type or a charming woman from appearance, but you could not penetrate deeply, she would protect herself. She would be forthright and direct, popuar by opposite sex with a serious mental calculation. She would know precisely whom or what to love or hate. She would be likely to be guided by one-sided remarks with strong hostile psychological. She would be fully committed to fight for her own wants. She would seldom show her vulnerable side to others. She would be fond of things with feels. She would be a female soldier type.

The Third.  Partial Sagittarius of Scorpio 

Male: He would be dislike to be constrained, and repellent to pressure either from others or from himself. He would be observant and relatively magnanimous.

He would be willing to help others, and maintain a sense of mystery, love to be invisible person and make covert operations. You almost could not find him, only friends with good relationship could contact him. He would carefully explore and pretend to do, and would only laugh it off when debunked. It would be hard for him to reveal his true thought. He would have good sense of humor and practical stability.

Female:  Her mood would be obvious, she would not think carefully for what to say. She would not like to haggle over every ounce or be controlled by others. She would give herself a lot pressure, She would be cranky and extremely sensitive. She would be negative and choose to escape or wide off. She would be more generous and curious. She would not like to force the others or herself. She would also be stubborn with large extreme mood swings, She would be some impatient in front of acquaintances.