See through Scorpio by Sun, Moon and Venus


In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of people in the sun and Scorpio.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation.

(Note: Based on the national conditions, the number of children can be ignored, and this is one or another context. It doesn't mean that you have to wait for death if you die accidentally. Please understand astrology correctly)

1、 Sun Scorpio woman

1. Scorpio woman with fire in the moon

Venus fire phase: love nature, honesty, stroke in old age, divorce, separation or divorce of parents, artist, speaker;

Venus Earth: love dancing, eccentric, have many lovers, carefree and carefree, even have two children, involving the field of medicine, thin;

Venus water phase: cheerful, positive, like entertainment, long-lasting relationship, more sisters, easy to lose spouse, more male and female relations, easy to have extramarital affairs, easy to change name, be an actress, life is dramatic and outgoing;

Venus wind: charming, pleasant (beautiful), model, actress, strong, caring, competitive, easy to have extramarital affairs, love work, (fracture due to accident) leading to serious injury.

2. Scorpio woman of the earth phase of the moon

Venus fire phase: short-term marriage or relationship, multiple marriages, at least one son, financial turmoil (in and / or on the edge of the financial crisis), banker or financier;

Venus Earth: unmarried, husband or lover is much younger than himself, prospers in his early years, has a very different marriage, and is a human rights activist

Venus water phase: like care, silence, men and women, surgery, involving astrology, not married, gorgeous, the husband has an extramarital affair, and the parents are separated or divorced

Venus wind: attractive, charming, enthusiastic, attractive, eccentric, few children (usually no children or only one)

3. Scorpio woman in the water phase of the moon

Venus fire phase: many lovers, the largest part has at least one daughter, miscarriage, tense marriage relationship and / or long-term marital pain.

Venus Earth: withdrawn, stubborn, alien relationship, stress or traumatic events about children, few children, divorce, economic benefits, involving the field of treatment.

Venus water phase: gorgeous, popular, doing the same work for a long time, one marriage, may have many children, broad education and strong body.

Venus wind: age difference with your partner is large, long-term marriage, good communication, art artist, entrepreneur or business owner, attracting attention

4. Scorpio woman with moon and wind

Venus fire phase: stubborn in love, love freedom, need to give full play, positive, differentiated marriage, travel for work, love work, love flying, teachers or public speakers, art artists, allergies, extroversion, accidental injury,

Venus Earth: healthy and strong, psychological problems, activists, travel for work, suicidal tendencies, psychotic attacks, tense relationships,

Venus water phase: good at expression, like dancing, gorgeous, divorced parents, high IQ, entering the medical or treatment industry, only one child or small family size.

Venus wind: extramarital affairs, sociable, carefree, long-term marriage, rarely more than two children, different from ordinary birth conditions, hard-working people.