Seeing through Virgo from the Sun, Moon and Venus


In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the sun Virgo.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation. Fire sign: Aries / lion / Sagittarius; Earth signs: Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn; Wind sign: Gemini / Libra / Aquarius; Water sign: cancer / Scorpio / Pisces.

Based on national conditions, the number of children can be ignored, and this is one or another context. It doesn't mean that you have to wait for death if you die accidentally. Please understand astrology correctly.

1、 Sun Virgo girl

1. Virgo girl with moon fire

Venus fire phase: most of them are boyish, have a good figure, love flying, love traveling, divorce, very open-minded, have a sad past, may get cancer, or have been raped.

Venus Earth: family tragedy, activists, long-term marriage, divorce, child prodigy's mother, love dance, children's bad luck, young and promising, heart disease, accidental burns.

Venus water phase: emotional, private, vengeful, humorous, solitary, short-lived - may be the victim of murder, seclusion.

Venus wind: private, educated, cancer prone, love astrology, love mysteries, happy marriage, estrangement from the family, bad luck for children, divorce of parents.

2. Virgo girl with earthy moon

Venus fire phase: private, very stubborn in love, cautious, accidental death, premature birth, special birth environment.

Venus Earth: workaholic, healing department, stunning beauty, beautiful, often on business, strong principle and a little money.

Venus water: mental injury, victims of criminal or murder cases, high IQ, complex marriage, accidental death, senior executives, highly educated.

Venus wind: greed, executives, multiple marriages, financiers, publishers, little money, able to bear hardships.

3. Virgo girl in the water phase of the moon

Venus fire phase: good at persuasion, extremists, large families, unusual birth environment, divorce after many years of marriage, family support, doers, short-lived - killed, victims of criminal cases (rape) and higher education.

Venus Earth: compassionate, victim, female organ surgery, teacher, beautiful, youngest in the family, likely to have a daughter.

Venus water phase: sensitive, suspicious, wary, heart disease, accidental death, beautiful, multiple marriages.

Venus wind: born in a big family, perfectionist, divorced parents, lung disease, active, divorce, fear of disaster for children, indulge in metaphysics / mystics.

4. Virgo girl with moon wind

Venus fire phase: ambition, irritability, eating disorder, workaholic, husband having extramarital affairs, infatuation, skin disease, like make-up, family tragedy.

Venus Earth: nervous, unnatural, keen on astrology, living abroad, multiple lovers, private, medical (nurse, midwife...).

Venus water: nagging, nervous, eager to be loved, addicts, divorce, writing, eloquence, surgery, medical (nurse, pharmacist, nutritionist...).

Venus wind: family support, active child actors, vulnerable, frequent business trips, stable work, bereavement, love animals and sports.