See through Sagittarius by Sun, Moon and Venus

In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of sun Sagittarius.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation. Fire sign: Aries / lion / Sagittarius; Earth signs: Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn; Wind sign: Gemini / Libra / Aquarius; Water sign: cancer / Scorpio / Pisces.

Based on national conditions, the number of children can be ignored, and this is one or another context. It doesn't mean that you have to wait for death if you die accidentally. Please understand astrology correctly.

1、 Sun Sagittarius girl

1. Moon fire Sagittarius

Venus fire phase: love can speak, more eloquent. Love different age partners, more love to change partners. Love flash marriage, but also love to have more expensive children. I am an ideal family, I am a man's mother-in-law, my man is a mountain, and I am a moon fire golden fire woman.

Venus Earth: divorce, teaching and educating people. It's better to have a daughter than a man. I am an action emperor and an adventurer. There are fortune and robbery. I'm a woman of moon fire and gold earth.

Venus water phase: I'm a fan, but I'm a hero's mother. I'm outspoken, but I'm tight lipped. My heart and money are roller coasters, but I am a sky horse, I am a moon fire golden water woman.

Venus wind phase: will stick to work, but also dumb endure marriage. Delicate and sensitive, I do it myself. I'm a moon fire golden wind woman.

2. Moon earth Archer

Venus fire: love possession and ambition. I have a lot of reason, not much emotion. Blonde. They say I'm overweight. It's too much. I was born in adversity and started from scratch. Hardship is my wealth. I am a woman of moon, earth, gold and fire.

Venus Earth: love possession and fire. Love caution, but also love nerves. Weight is my problem, words are not pressure. My footprints are everywhere. Please call me outdoor explorer. What about divorce? Food is the most important thing for the people. I'm a woman of gold and earth.

Venus water phase: love self-cultivation and fortune telling. I'm not late to get married. I have a lot of daughters. The design beautician is my artistic model. I'm a moon earth golden water woman.

Venus wind: I'm a radical and a die hard party. Love independence, animals and breast augmentation. My family is prominent, my parents died early, and I am the daughter of the moon, earth, gold and wind.

3. Moon water Sagittarius

Venus fire phase: love teaching and fortune telling. Love dancing and fitness. I work hard and am good at marriage. I am a woman of moon water and gold fire.

Venus Earth: love outdoor, more love astrology. No husband, only brothers and sisters. I love reading. I'm a moon water golden earth woman.

Venus water phase: I came from a big family and have a long marriage. I have scars on my body, business on my hands, astrolabe in my mind, and I am a woman of moon water and golden water.

Venus wind: love astrology and cooking. My enthusiasm is like fire and my strength is like a mountain. My heart is my problem, generosity is my nature, and I am the golden wind of moon water.

4. Moon wind Sagittarius

Venus fire phase: I am a swan and a wild goose, and I am as timid as a mouse. I am a recluse complacent and invincible ninja. I only get married once. My job is to travel. I'm a mystery. I'm the moon wind golden fire girl.

Venus Earth: I am an abacus and a social favorite. I only carry one hand and don't pull it down. I worked hard and had a headache. They said that Prime Minister Cao Cheng was not well. Love human beings, love blonde hair and cosmetic surgery. I'm a master of financial management. I'm Yuefeng golden earth woman.

Venus water phase: I'm as quiet as a virgin, born extraordinary. God gave me wealth and headache. I want to be careful of unexpected danger. I'm Yuefeng Jinshui girl.

Venus wind phase: love to inquire and love originality. Love lively, love animals, also love the only child. I'm a social worker and a radical. Interpersonal is my pear, I am the moon wind golden wind woman.

2、 Sun Sagittarius boy

1. Moon fire Sagittarius man

Venus fire phase: love hard work and outspoken. Love work and politics. I'm a drinker and a party beast. I am ambitious and greedy. I have two questions, one is widowhood and the other is heart. Art is my style, and the same way is my freedom. I'm Jin huoyue, an autobiographical writer.

Venus Earth: love society and principles. I was born in a big family. I'm a filial son with a stick. Sensitivity is my last name and stubbornness is my name. Please call me a boutique man. I'm a eloquent legal person. I'm a scholar who breaks thousands of books. I don't bring & ldquo; Learning machine;, I'm moon fire gold earth man.

Venus water phase: I am the roaring emperor and the golden speaker. I'm an overbearing man. I'm talking about running the train. Don't fall behind. I have a long relationship, but I will hold hands twice. I'm a freak. Sexual perversion will happen to me. Stop me and end it by myself. I'm moon fire Jinshui man.

Venus wind phase: love humor and exploration. Love sports, also love special feelings. My eyes don't work well. I'm a moon fire golden wind man.

2. Moon earth Archer man

Venus fire phase: love philosophy and reading. No good temper, no compassion, but I only want one heart. Diet is my industry and industry is my glory. I'm a tall and burly boutique man, and I'm a moon earth gold fire man.

Venus Earth: love beauty and principles. I don't have social in my dictionary. I'm insane, so it's better to say less. I grew up with a stick and my wife is not my age. I'm an administrator. I'm a moon earth man.

Venus water phase: love work and travel. He likes drinking and keeping a low profile. Too many marriage histories and unfaithfulness. I'm a businessman. I know life is short. I'll be careful of accidents. Spirit is my problem, diet is my industry, and I'm yuetu Jinshui man.

Venus wind phase: love sex and create people. I love humor and weird people. I came from a big family, and a big stick. I am a tall and burly people's teacher. Read to me: & ldquo; Public relations, marketing, publishing & rdquo;, I'm moon earth gold wind man.

3. Moon water Sagittarius man

Venus fire phase: love work and lose your temper. Love the catering industry and teamwork. When I was a child, I fought against economic crimes. When I grew up, I was a business tycoon. I was a golden hot man in yueshui.

Venus Earth: the ideal home is me, and the impatient brother is also me. I'm the perpetrator and I'm the aspiring man. I have a long relationship and always walk on the road of pursuing dreams. Don't be infatuated with brother. Brother is a legend and brother is a moon water golden earth man.

Venus water phase: love to socialize and work. I don't like financial management, but I'll be a tycoon sooner or later. I'm full of energy, half for losing my temper and the other half for editing. I'm a defense God. I can't spit the truth out of my mouth. Parents' business is adults' business. I'm a young man. Please call me superior xiansen. I'm yueshui Jinshui man.

Venus wind phase: love principle and sports. Love to attack and attract attention. They say I'm ruthless. I'm just ambitious. They say I love beauty. I only take a ladle to drink. Hold me, don't be domestic violence. Maybe you'll make a mess. I'm yueshui Jinfeng man.

4. Moon wind Sagittarius man

Venus fire phase: love freedom and financial management. Love human beings and create them. Love humor and fly into the blue sky. My life is great and my death is glorious. I am the golden flaming man of the moon wind.

Venus Earth: love creation and principle. Have courage and fight. There are mental pressure and burning years. I'm an aviator, I'm an artist, and I'm Yuefeng Jintu man.

Venus water phase: I am timid and superficial, and I am charming and strong. Insanity is me, and perseverance is me. Financial management is not a problem. It's too complicated. It's not impossible to get married twice. I have a strong sexual desire. Please pay attention to safety. Both men and women should be careful of me. Hold me, don't make a fool of me. I'm Yuefeng Jinshui man.

Love Venus: love is perfect. Love elegance and generosity, but also love hard work. Love to play musical instruments, also love restlessness. I am the shield of the law, the insurance and accounting banker, and the father of the children. I am Yuefeng Jinfeng man.