See through Gemini by Sun, Moon and Venus


In astrology, the sun represents vitality and creativity. The position of the sun in everyone's chart represents a person's external performance and attention. The moon represents emotional reactions and living habits, while the position of the moon in the chart represents one's inner feelings and concerns. Venus represents relationships, personal values and things related to beauty. Venus in the chart represents a person's preferences, aesthetic concepts, interpersonal relationships and money concepts.

By analyzing the constellations of the sun, moon and Venus in the chart, one's character, preference and destiny are ready to come out. Let's take a look at the characteristics of sun Gemini.

Tip: first look at your own moon constellation, and then find your own Venus constellation from the corresponding moon constellation.

1、 Sun twin

1. Two children with moon fire

Venus fire phase: depressed personality, suffering from painful (traumatic) family events, marital pressure, risk of abuse or slander, unstable interpersonal relationships, divorce or widowhood.

Venus Earth: love art (or devote to art), may be prone to sexual abuse, tolerance, very confident, talkative, critical, have bone injuries or bone problems, financial problems, teachers or public speakers, love work, and get used to grotesque - pagan or orthodox religions.

Venus water phase: talkative, strong social skills, like astrology, addictive, beautiful and elegant, attracting attention, usually the DINK family.

Venus wind: sharp and talkative, writer / speaker / translator, marital pressure, model, divorce, confrontational, sharp, many professional achievements and active.

2. Two children of moon earth phase

Venus fire phase: anxiety, eating problems, delicious and cooking, creative and artistic talent, easy to have extra money and love dancing.

Venus Earth: many marriages, financial success, marital pressure and domestic violence, homosexuality, recovering health through surgery, adopted son, love sports and sweet voice.

Venus water phase: very private, modest, cautious, congenital physical defects, inner loneliness or non gregarious, love astrology, singles, like pets, sensitive constitution (fragile constitution), economic benefits / profits, prone to accidents or injuries, and prone to traumatic family events.

Venus wind: depression, neurasthenia, psychological or mental problems, long marriage, teachers, love astrology.

3. Two children of moon water phase

Venus fire phase: versatile, contradictory unity, picky, talker / teacher, rough, divorced, living in a big family, rich.

Venus Earth: it is different from the other half in age. It bears the pressure from the family, is beaten or abused by the partner or husband, and has a painful divorce. If the husband is older, the marriage life will be more harmonious, and the husband or partner is very famous.

Venus water phase: compassionate, love art and antiques, very educated, the other half is very famous, living in a large family, widowed.

Venus wind: very fickle, mentally allergic, luxurious, elegant, very loving and considerate, good family background, widowed, popular, and at least one daughter in terms of children.

4. Two children with moon wind

Venus fire: hope to be noticed or heard, love to dance, fragile, abused or hurt, short marriage, easy to feel abandoned or neglected.

Venus Earth: hard working, charming, eager to be conquered, blonde, famous partner or husband.

Venus water phase: the hair is light black or black, with all kinds of manners. When you feel pressure, you will choose to leave. When you feel pressure, you need to be alone, talkative, anxious, seek attention, nudism, not raised at home, devote yourself to physics or chemistry, beauty, luxury and opportunism.

Venus wind: curiosity, confusion, altruism, (Venus in Gemini) will obtain wealth through another half or husband or marriage, and be decisive.