Completely unable to accept long-distance love and will break up decisively

The most important thing in a relationship is to get a sense of security from each other. We may not feel much together at ordinary times, but when we separate from other places, the sense of security will weaken or even disappear. When you are sick and sad, you won't be with you. You may not find someone for a long time, and you don't know what he is doing. Now, let's see which constellations can't accept different places and choose to break up.

Scorpio: paranoid

Scorpio is very suspicious and it is difficult to establish complete trust with others. Even if you are good to Scorpio, and Scorpio has reservations about feelings, Scorpio is afraid of being hurt. Maybe Scorpio doesn't care so much on the surface, but it's different inside. This is a way for Scorpio to protect himself. When the other party chooses to leave, Scorpio can put it down on the surface. Scorpio has a strong desire for control. They can't stand not getting a reply from the news and don't know what the other party is doing. At this time, Scorpio will think nonsense, good and bad, so Scorpio can't stand long-distance love, which will make Scorpio very insecure.

Pisces: attachment

Pisces people value love very much. For them, love is supreme. When you start a relationship, Pisces will devote themselves to each other, stick to each other, and don't want to be with each other all the time. Pisces yearns for romantic love and wants each other to put themselves first. Pisces' desire for feelings makes them want to further develop after the beginning. Therefore, the most unacceptable thing in Pisces' feelings is long-distance love, which makes Pisces feel insecure and may not meet for a day. For Pisces, since you can't rely on it, it's better to separate. It's always better to be uncomfortable in a different place.

ARIES: passion

Unlike other constellations, Aries cannot accept long-distance love because they are too enthusiastic. Aries is simple and straightforward, loves life and is always full of vitality. It's comfortable to be with Aries. Aries never hide their love. They will express it. But when they are away from home, the most unbearable thing is Aries. They can't stand their enthusiasm and can't get a timely reply. Aries is a little impatient. When he wants to see each other, he must see each other. When the enthusiasm is not answered, Aries will slowly become indifferent. Therefore, Aries is not suitable for long-distance love. If they are long-distance, they will choose to break up.

Gemini: sense of security

I can't see. In terms of emotion, Gemini is a little closed. In terms of emotion, Gemini will scare off each other with their indifference in the face of suitors. So once you start with Gemini, you really come to Gemini's heart. In love, Gemini is the passive party and enthusiastic receiver. Gemini is more dependent on each other in emotion and yearns for each other's care, but it may not appear on the surface. If you are in a different place, Gemini will have no sense of security and can't see it at ordinary times. Sometimes the news can't be returned in time, and the other party's enthusiasm will slowly weaken. Of course, it's not because they don't love, Gemini will choose to give up this relationship.

Leo: delicate mind

For ordinary times, it may be better for the lion to have a delicate mind, but for other places, it will become a bad thing. The lion looks careless on the surface, but the lion's heart is sensitive. In love, their heart always fluctuates up and down. For a lion, if he is in a long-distance relationship, he will keep thinking about each other, what he is doing and how his life is going? In particular, the lion's mind is delicate and sensitive. When the lion finds something and the other party can't know or solve it in time, the lion will be hurt. So instead of this, the lion will choose to break up.

Love is a romantic thing, which needs the efforts of both sides. Long distance love is very hard. Some people slowly wear out their enthusiasm in long distance. These five constellations are, even between different places and giving up, they will choose to give up first. If you have a man who has survived in a different place, don't give up. I wish all the family members who read this article can use sweet love.