The top three terrible Venus constellations



When Venus falls in Aries, the exclusive, tough qualities will be exposed completely by Aries people. They lack a sense of responsibility, they are capricious like children, they do what they want to do, do not give much thought to the feelings of others. When they concern about something, if it did not go well, they would blame on others. 


Venus's perfection and concern about face-saving will be exposed by Leo people, others have to be careful when they meet Leo. If Venus falls in Leo, then the people care deeply about other's evaluation for them, in particular the appearance rating must be high enough. Otherwise they would have been very tangled, once a problem occurs, they will definitely make larger temper than you, and list a number of reasons for the face. They will protect themselves tightly.


Venus is very emotional, it would go ahead as long as it feels and there is no turning back, this is the reaction of Venus in Scorpio. The people tend to be very powerful themselves, they will put their feeling as the starting point, but can not listen to the views of others. Even nine strong bulls cannot get it away. They will follow one road until it's dark.