What crisis will 12 constellations meet in middle-age?

1、 Standard constellation (Aries, cancer, Libra, Capricorn)

For people with standard constellations, the most fearful thing is the decline of career. Although people with standard constellations will fear this, people with standard constellations are the most powerful. If many successful people in the society are based on the constellation, they must be forever old. The person of the standard constellation does not retire. He hopes that he is powerful and successful in society. His family property will not be given to you soon. So he is very afraid of the decline of his career. For example, Andy Lau, he still stands firmly in the throne of a first-line male star. As long as the society wants him to be a leading actor, he will be. What a strong will to succeed, and for him, he felt it was right to take responsibility.

The middle-aged crisis of people with standard signs often comes from their career. If their career declines and their income decreases, but the demand of children is rising, his anxiety can be imagined. Because his idea is: & ldquo; I can do it every day& rdquo; So if even he is willing to do, and then there is no stage, it is a terrible thing. Because he is not unwilling, he is very willing, so he will worry about his incompetence, which is his middle-aged crisis.

2、 Fixed constellations (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius)

For people with fixed constellations, physical strength is very important, because it is related to the quality of life. In addition to the differences in anxiety and physical strength, people with fixed constellations feel quite happy in other aspects. To some extent, their needs are not too much and not many. But if he didn't have physical strength, he would mourn that he was ogissan. Fixed constellations are often in a certain moment, and he changes from a teenager to aujisan. And to some extent, he doesn't allow others to think he's ogisan. He'll turn himself into ogisan first. Maybe his hair won't be dyed, or he will pretend not to see Meimei when he sees Meimei, because he doesn't think Meimei will like him. If he still says hello to Meimei, it means that he is quite confident in himself.

Fixed constellations also have a middle-aged crisis, that is, they are afraid that they are useless and waste, and then no one wants to be ignored. This feeling of being ignored will make fixed constellations feel that they are going to disappear and have no importance. Fixed constellations often feel that whether they are important or not is very important. He always feels that others are watching him and he will live in his fantasy. Therefore, it is important to have something to prove that he has a sense of existence.

3、 Variable constellations (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces)

For people with changing constellations, the biggest middle-aged crisis is the loss of energy. He is very concerned about his image and appearance. He has to be a handsome man when he is old. He has to stick to it when he dies. Therefore, he is very afraid of baldness and out of shape. Even if he didn't want an affair, he wouldn't allow these things to disappear. He was afraid of his aging appearance and that he could not enjoy himself. He would feel that life would be boring and without any brilliance.

Changing constellations are also afraid of losing the stage of calling the wind and rain. In the past, he would laugh at others casually. Now if he doesn't even laugh at others and tries hard to show off others, or it's useless to take so many licenses. This is an anxiety for him, a very invisible anxiety, because he can still prove his ability. But if this ability seems to others that it can't keep up with the times and keep pace with the times, he will feel terrible.