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What crisis will 12 constellations meet in middle-age?

First. The standard constellation (Aries, Cancer, Libra , Capricorn)

For the standard constellation of people, the greatest fear is career decline. Although every constellation will be afraid of this, but the standard constellation of people will fear this more than anything else. If many successful people are standard constellation, they must live to old to do the old. They would not like to retire, they hope to be powerful, and become successful people in the society. For example, Andy Lau, he is now still gaining a firm foothold in amusement circles. He has strong successful will, he likes to take responsibility.

The standard constellation of people's midlife crisis often comes from the career, if career declines, the income reduces, but the needs of the children are rising, they will become anxious of course. Their idea is: "I'd like to work every day". So it is a very terrible thing to have no stage to work in. They are very willing to do, so they will be anxious about their own incompetence, which is the midlife crisis.

Second. The fixed constellation ( Taurus , Leo, Scorpio , Aquarius )

For the fixed constellation of people, physical strength is very important because it relates to the quality of life. In addition to worry about physical differences, they are quite happy in other aspects. They have no enough need to some extent. But if even the physical strength is not enough, they will feel sad that they have become old. The fixed constellation of people will change from teenager to old man in a moment. But they do not allow others to feel that they are old men, they would put themselves into the old men.

There is another mid-life crisis, that is to fear they are useless, then nobody would care about them, which may let them think they have to disappear, they are not important any more. They live in their own fantasy, so it is very important to have something confirm they are important. 

Third. The mutable constellation (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius , Pisces)

For the mutable constellation of people, the biggest mid-life crisis is to lose essence of life. They concern about their image and appearance very much, they want to be handsome forever, so they are afraid of out of shape. Otherwise they will feel that life is so boring. There is no glory anymore. They are very afraid of this.

The mutable constellation of people are afraid to lose the most powerful stage, because they are not able to prove their ability. It is a terrible thing for them.