Detailed explanation of Leo in 12 constellations


Leo (fifth house) July 23-24 ~ August 22-23

  • Constellation alias: Leo in the west, Leo in the sun and Leo in the wrong name.
  • Symbolic meaning: Lion, lion head and lion tail.
  • Constellation symbol: fire, masculine fixed constellation, powerful and beneficial and full of wildness.
  • Guardian planet: sun.
  • Relative Constellation: Aquarius.
  • I will.
  • Constellation formula: express feelings, thoughts and influence.
  • Temple Planet: sun.
  • Powerful planet: Neptune.
  • Falling Planet: Uranus. Mascot: sun or Gold Commemorative Medallion.
  • Auspicious metal: gold.
  • Auspicious gem: diamond.
  • Auspicious day: Sunday.
  • Favorite colors: bright yellow, light yellow, brown.
  • Auspicious numbers: 1,3,5,6,28
  • Patron saint: Apollo, the sun god
  • Favorite places: luxury places, high-end hotels, theatres, exhibition halls or entertainment places.
  • Auspicious plants: sunflower, cypress, palm, laurel, gentian, arnica, and other plants.
  • Living conditions: the most advanced residence decorated with works of art, famous paintings and luxurious ancient furniture.
  • Ideal country of residence: France, Italy, Alps, Sicily, Peru, Lebanon, Britain.
  • Body parts: heart, chest, back, upper back, dorsal spine, flank.
  • Constellation diseases: heart disease, back pain and spinal problems.
  • Positive features: dramatic, idealistic, proud, ambitious, creative, noble, romantic, generous, confident and optimistic.
  • Negative characteristics: vain, pursuing social status, childish, arrogant, afraid of ridicule, cruel, showing off, hypocritical, domineering.

Leo is governed by the sun god Apollos, so he is full of sunshine, enthusiasm, self-confidence and generosity. Moreover, his natural leadership ability makes him like to command others and have strong organizational ability. However, his overconfidence turns into arrogance, coupled with his stubborn character and exaggerated response, sometimes people don't know how to get along with him. Leo, who likes to be the focus of attention, is vulnerable; Because they care too much about what others think of him, they are often unhappy; Refusing to admit defeat is also a source of unhappiness. Leo women are more pitiful. They are the most afraid of being old, lonely and disrespected by others. In order to combat these demons, they will change them in any way.

Leo people's characteristics are clear at a glance, without any complexity or hidden difficulties. He is the king and the boss. In a word, he is the leader in the group, and he knows his ability to manipulate and lead others. This constellation is not only good at leadership, but also can set an example and work hard. This tendency is more pronounced when the sun is in Leo. This constellation has the shortcomings of arrogance, arbitrariness and intolerance. Therefore, you need to constantly restrain yourself and reflect on yourself in order to give full play to your inherent advantages such as being willing to help others and being generous.

Leo has a natural talent for drama and is the focus of attention on the stage. If someone likes to wear gorgeous clothes, behave gracefully, have a Shanghai style, and make a decision in case of trouble, then nine times out of ten he is a Leo. Leo people are warm, helpful, optimistic and enterprising by nature. Where they exist, they often have sunshine and laughter. Amazingly, Leo people are very sensitive and vulnerable. However, because of their dramatic talent, they can remain calm on the surface and show the greatest tolerance for unfair treatment. When provoked, he will intimidate the opponent with the majesty of the king. Despite their humble origins, Leo people still have their own dignity and their own kingdom.