Detailed explanation of Sagittarius in 12 constellations


Sagittarius (ninth house) November 22-23 ~ December 20-21

  • Constellation alias: Sagittarius in the west, Sagittarius in the sun, Sagittarius in the wrong name, Sagittarius in the sky, and Sagittarius in the half.
  • Symbolic meaning: Archer, Archer, archer's arrow.
  • Constellation symbol: fire sign, masculine variable constellation, and it is the palace of men and non fertility.
  • Guardian planets: Jupiter, Chiron.
  • Relative Constellation: Gemini.
  • Mascot: star.
  • Auspicious metal: bronze.
  • Auspicious gem: turquoise.
  • Auspicious day: Thursday.
  • Favorite colors: blue and purple.
  • Auspicious numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30.
  • Auspicious plants: perilla, mint, borage.
  • Constellation formula: I know, I see, I see.
  • Constellation formula: awareness, understanding, desire and pursuit.
  • Temple Planet: Jupiter.
  • Falling Planet: mercury.
  • Body parts: hip, thigh, upper leg, sciatic nerve, blood artery system.
  • Constellation diseases: sciatic nerve or hip problems.
  • Favorite places: places for grand gatherings, horse races, forests for walking or hunting.
  • Desire: an assistant who can help your career.
  • Cheated: due to the mistakes in the control of opportunities or personality factors.
  • Like: walking and riding in nature.
  • Fear: compromise.
  • Pursuit: healthy entertainment.
  • Weakness: breaking an appointment.
  • Holiday life: hiking or camping.
  • Advantage: too straightforward.
  • Expenses: luxurious life.
  • Living conditions: spacious and bright room with sufficient light and fresh air. The room is decorated with various tourist souvenirs. You can look at the forest scenery in the sun.
  • Ideal country of residence: Australia, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Ceylon.
  • Positive characteristics: Frank, philosophical, liberal, broad-minded, athletic, generous, optimistic, righteous, religious, scholarly and enthusiastic.
  • Negative characteristics: argumentative, aggressive, talkative, self indulgent, dogmatic, impatient, gambling, demanding, impatient, and excitable.

Sagittarius likes all outdoor activities with wide space, especially riding and galloping. People of this constellation have a tendency to explore the unknown in both spirit and real life. They think that life is a combination of a series of challenges. He is curious about everything. When he grows up, if he finds a place where he can hunt, he will aim at his prey like an arrow of man Xuan.

For Sagittarius people, the ideals and aspirations in the life process are often more important than the goals. Sagittarius is reckless in his youth. He likes the pleasure of speeding and seldom considers safety issues. He has a tendency to pursue stimulation excessively and is optimistic by nature, even a little blind optimistic. Therefore, Sagittarius often learns from mistakes more than other constellations. Young people often have unconventional behavior, but in old age, it is easy to forget the recklessness of young people and become old-fashioned people. Although he never changed his habit of advocating personal freedom, he always gave full play to his inborn wisdom and potential, and probably involved in fields related to philosophy.

Sagittarius is also very good at thinking. They are very fond of pursuing truth and justice, and like to explore areas they do not understand. Language is a tool for them to expand their knowledge, so they actively expand their various language abilities. They often focus on things beyond their ability, regard them as simple and accessible goals and pursue them with all their strength. They are always eager to engage in new plans before completing one thing.

Sagittarius people, like Gemini, are naturally versatile and often engage in more than one kind of work; With strong ambition, he is an excellent ruling talent, very suitable for political career; Often engaged in various aspects of mental work, it requires a lot of exercise to ease the pressure. When they feel tired, it is mostly due to monotony and boredom. As long as they change jobs, they can restore their consistent anger.