Who would the natural enemies of love of 12 constellations

Was your love robbed of by other people? In the world of love there is also allelopathy. Someone would be your love honored people, someone might be your love natural enemy. Then who would be your natural rival in love? 

1, Aries

Natural rival in love: Pisces

Careless, confused impulses ungentle ...... are Aries people's shortcomings. These shortcomings will be enlarged unlimitedly by Pisces.  Pisces nearly have all of the deficiencies of Aries. Pisces are proud of this.

Way to resist the enemy:  Aries must know how to maximize favourable factors and minimize unfavourable ones.

2, Taurus

Natural rival in love: Gemini

The simple, modest and passive Taurus people are difficult to pursue actively even if they meet people they like. They might have no enough courage to tell the truth but were robbed of by others. While Gemini people have wind speed to seduce and reveal feelings. So Taurus had better not meet Taurus rival in love.

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better make observation for a period of time firstly and try to defeat Gemini by your willpower finally!

3, Gemini

Natural rival in love: Leo

As a master of love, Gemini people are like a gust of wind. It is difficult to give a sense of security. And although Leo people have overbearing temper, they are not good at amusing people happy, but they can give a sense to rely on. They are worthy of trust.

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better let each other feel your heart. True love is matchless! 

4, Cancer

Natural rival in love: Capricorn

Cancer Once fall in love or get marriage, their sensitive hearts will make them worry about personal gains and losses. They have particularly strong desire to control lovers. While Capricorn people never rely on others to survive in love, they will give each other the most full and free space in love. So it is more free and easier to contact with Capricorn.

Way to resist the enemy:  Your advantage to look after your family. You'd better give lover a little more trust.

5, Leo

Natural rival in love: Libra

Leo's temper is really stinking and hard like stone. Leo people are very overbearing. You could not conquer reasonable and politic Libra. You'll always get things messed up easily, but Libra could make people happy easily!

Way to resist the enemy: You'd better put your personality into a temper, for people will like you with personality rather than nasty temper.

6, Virgo

Natural rival in love: Sagittarius

Compared to tortuous and wordy completist Virgo, Sagittarius people look really chic and romantic. No one will want to find a mom dad like lover to resist the temptation, but would like to go with romantic love with lovers' vows. Sagittarius people have these advantages.

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better develop a perfect plan for love in connection with the disadvantage of Sagittarius. No way is impossible to courage!

7, Libra

Natural rival in love: Aquarius

Compared to indecisive Libra in love, Aquarius know what they want more. Aquarius people are always very decisive in love, and will not fall into an ambiguous triangle love like Libra. 

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better not be light-minded once established your target in live. And play your considerate advantage.

8, Scorpio

Natural rival in love: Virgo

Scorpio people have no bottom line in moral integrity. Virgo people care more about spiritual love. And Scorpio people do more but speak less, they do not bother to explain for misunderstanding. So it is easy to hand over the lovers onto Virgo arms.

Way to resist the enemy: Love is not only in the heart, and you'd better say it out loudly. Do not give the opponent any chance in love.

9, Sagittarius

Natural rival in love: Cancer

One is careless, the other is thoughtful. One is passionate for freedom, the other loves home greatly. Cancer people have obvious advantage when facing lovers who need stabilized relationship. Perhaps people are more fond of Sagittarius, but they will choose to get married with Cancer people.

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better play your personal charm and express your love to each other's sincerity.

10, Capricorn

Natural rival in love: Aries

Capricorn people are slow type in love. They may even make lovers unsure of this relationship due to their lukewarm attitude. Aries believe that they should vigorously express love. While Capricorn people are indifferent.

Way to resist the enemy: You'd better not change your principle due to Aries' influence. You should remember to express your true heart to lover.

11, Aquarius

Natural rival in love: Taurus

The eccentric Aquarius give people an insecure feeling more or less. While Taurus people look more honest and reliable. If Taurus mustered the effort to pursue lover, the indifferent Aquarius would have to give up. 

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better correct your attitude firstly, and defeat Taurus with your remarkable method!

12, Pisces

Natural rival in love: Scorpio

Pisces people's love is more or less with fantastic colors, they are very realistic and would be easy to lose themselves in love. The Scorpio's love is not only full of unrealistic style, but also is not ivory-towered. And Scorpio people are very strong-minded,  so Pisces people have almost no power to compete with Scorpio.

Way to resist the enemy:  You'd better love yourself firstly before loving others more. The gentle and attentive characters are your magi weapons.