Who would the natural enemies of love of 12 constellations


Is your love preempted? Has your love been interfered with? In fact, in the world of love, there are also mutual generation and mutual restraint. Some people are your love nobles, and some will also be your natural enemies of love. Science and technology Ziwei constellation network will tell you now, who is your natural rival of love!

1. Aries

Natural rival: Pisces

Careless, confused, impulsive, not gentle enough & hellip& hellip; And so on. Aries' shortcomings will be infinitely magnified as soon as they arrive at Pisces. There is no way. Almost all the missing Pisces in Aries have advantages that can be proud of.

The way to resist the enemy: when Aries meets Pisces, they must know how to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, and give full play to their strengths.

2. Taurus

Natural rival: Gemini

Taurus, who is emotionally dull and not active enough, is also difficult to take the initiative with the person you like. It may not be easy to summon up the courage to make a confession, but it was preempted by others. The speed of Gemini's confession can be described as wind speed, so Taurus had better not meet Gemini's rival, otherwise love will always be late.

The way to resist the enemy: first observe for a period of time and defeat him with your perseverance!

3. Gemini

Natural rival: Leo

As a master of love, Gemini is like a gust of wind, which is difficult to give people a sense of security. Although Leo people are overbearing, have a bad temper and are not so happy, they can give people a sense of dependence and are trustworthy.

The way to resist the enemy: let the other party feel your sincerity and know that true love is invincible.

4. Cancer

Natural rival: Capricorn

Once you fall in love and get married, your sensitive heart becomes worried about gain and loss, and you have a strong desire to control your partner. Capricorn's feelings just don't rely on others to survive. If he insists on independence, he will give each other the most full and free space in love. By comparison, it will be much easier to be with Capricorn.

The way to resist the enemy: compared with workaholic Capricorn, taking care of your family is the advantage of cancer. Give yourself and each other more trust.

5. Leo

Natural rival: Libra

Leo's temper is really smelly, hard and overbearing. When you meet a reasonable and smooth Libra, you feel like it's over. How come even if the lion spends a lot of energy, it's always easy to screw things up, and Libra can coax each other happy with a few words!

The way to resist the enemy: turn your temper into personality. People like people with personality and hate people with temper.

6. Virgo

Natural rival: Sagittarius

Compared with Virgo's turtle hair, mother-in-law, pursuit of perfection, and broken thoughts, Sagittarius looks really natural and romantic. When in love, no one wants to find a figure like mom and dad to control himself, but wants to go to the romantic and snowy moon with his lover. The advantage of shooter is really immediate.

The way to resist the enemy: make a perfect love plan according to the shortcomings of Sagittarius. Virgo is afraid of god horse!