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What constellations would have the strongest vindictive psychology?

Third: Leo Men

Leo people's most hated thing is to be stepped on dignity and face. Although Leo man will pay attention to his demeanor, but you'd better not make the shameful thing as much as possible. But Leo would attack you if you dared to annoy them. There is no good end to enrage king and queen.

If you put up Leo's pecker, as long as you could apologize coupled with a lot of praise and worship, perhaps they would not mind. But if you made them to shame, I'm afraid that they would let you have a taste of theri strength sooner or later. You must not cheat them in love, otherwise they would be most likely to be crazy and completely lose wits! 

Second: Virgo Men

Revenge is a technical profession. Light revenge is superficial but excessive revenge is easy to ask for trouble, so it is reliable to make planned revenge. Virgo men are happen to make this technology profession, they can control the plan and progress of  large and small things. They might complete not necessarily perfect, at least could get a Almost Perfect. So it's not at all surprising for they to rank the second place among the terrible Avengers.

If Virgo men want to retaliate, they would likely to choose the long latent and brewing period, while they would be trying to make their own strength far above the top of you, while would weave a huge trap for you, then they would like to look at you unconsciously fell into the trap step by step in accordance with their plan. The result is that you get punished, and they would watch you make fools of yourself and make you feel in a great failure.

First: Scorpio Men

Scorpio men would always oppose if they had enemies, which are the typical features of Scorpio. This constellation have the strongest vindictive psychology with the best means of retaliation!

In fact, most people have vindictive psychology. Anyone would get angry if they were abandoned or hurt. But Scorpio men would get more angry. Most people would get angry and sad with sigh at most, and after they would try to quickly recover. But the hatred in the minds of Scorpio would be retained for a long time. Scorpio men have the strongest vindictive psychology!