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Who would be the predators for 12 constellation girls?

Love rivers and lakes have been ever-changing, despite women chasing men has also become a kind of fashion, but in general, the boys will take the initiative to pursue the prey. Who would be the predators for 12 constellation women?

1. Aries: easy to become the prey of the Virgo

Aries girl is very cheerful and very warm, she gives the sunny feeling to others. She is very popular due to the smile. The somber Virgo boys needs such a ray of sunshine.

2. Taurus: easy to become prey of Aquarius

Perhaps Taurus girl loves food and loves life, she always makes people feel a little taste of life. Aquarius boy has irrelevant thinking, he does not hope someone can really understand his heart, so he would be more interested in Taurus girl for the different character.

3. Gemini: easy to become prey of Libra

Gemini girl comes and goes like the wind, she likes to regard boy as her own good buddy, because she is afraid to be controlled by others. Libra boy likes to keep somebody at arm's length and ambiguous relationship. When Gemini girl encounters elegant Libra guy, she may become quite crazy, which means Libra boy can seize her heart.

4. Cancer: easily become the prey of the Taurus

Cancer girl is homely, she considerates of people, depends on the family as life. She is easy to give a sense of belonging. While Taurus boy is often afraid of trouble, so it is a dream to find a Cancer girl.

5. Leo: easy to become the prey of the Sagittarius

Leo girl is domineering like a Queen high above, it seems that she can frighten a lot of constellation boys. But there will always be a constellation boy who can clap her by the heels, and that is the legendary Sagittarius boy. Sagittarius boy is an innate hunter, although Leo is the king of the forest, she can not run away the palm of Sagittarius.

6. Virgo: easy to become the prey of the Pisces

Virgo girl pays attention to details, this is same as the Pisces boy. Pisces and Virgo are originally opposite constellations, they are complementary in many aspects. They are silent partners. Virgo girl is easy to become the prey of the Pisces boy.

7.  Libra: easy to become prey of Scorpio

Libra girl is generally very excellent, regardless of her physical appearance, her popularity, or her ability to work. Scorpio man likes challenging, so Libra girl is easy to become prey of Scorpio boy.

8. Scorpio: easy to become prey of Cancer

Do not believe that Cancer boys are mostly reluctant to be away from home that they will not produce the desire to hunt. In fact, a Cancer boy will be interested in a Scorpio girl. They belong to the water sign. Scorpio girl is very strong, but she is easy to become prey Cancer boy due to masochistic tendercy.

9. Sagittarius: easy to become the prey of Capricorn 

Sagittarius girl is fun-loving, her feelings is more like a flame with jump notes. Sagittarius girl is very popular, she needs someone to drive herself and bring joy to her. So she is easy to become prey of the dark, psychological Capricorn.

10, Capricorn: easy to become the prey of Leo

Capricorn girl is very realistic and very pragmatic, she concerns about substance, substance is something she can never refuse. Leo boy is domineering and likes worships money, so Capricorn girl is easy to become the prey of Leo.

11. Aquarius: easy to become prey of Gemini

Aquarius girl is like a bottle of water with many tears, she is like a bottle, she is not frank, her thinking is very unique, very few people can read her heart.  Gemini boy is unique like the wind, he can master the windlike Aquarius girl.

12. Pisces: easy to become prey of Aries

Pisces girl is very gentle, delicate and charming, it is easy to become possessive and protective of the Aries boy's prey.

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