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The love tricks of 12 constellation girls


Let's talk about the love tricks for 12 constellation girls.

1, Aries

Love trick: quite confident

Confident girl is the most beautiful and cute. The love trick for Aries girl is to be confident. She will always believe that she is the best, so she would not ask her boyfriend about his former girlfriend's looks, she will not be jealous with other girls. This makes her boyfriend save worry.

2, Taurus

Love trick: cherish oneself

How to maintain her looks can reflect the extent of a girl's self-esteem. How to cherish herself may reflect her attitude towards life. Taurus girl cherish herself very much, she treats herself best. So she will not be half dead for a boy in love. She is able to advance or retreat in love. This will make a boy dare not give up.

3, Gemini

Love trick: humorous and witty 

The humorous and witty Gemini girl can keep humorous even in love. Even in the face of embarrassing things, she will use her wit and humor to resolve cleverly. Her humor can make her boyfriend feel her independent thinking and generosity, and this is an advantage that her lover is fond of so much.

4, Cancer

Love trick: slap and tickle

Everyone thinks he is the most serious when talking about love, but in the process of getting along intimately, too much seriousness will cause unnecessary stress. Cancer girl's humorous love and a cute girl's flirting will make her lover feel memorable. This really contributes to sublimation of emotions.

5, Leo

Love trick: independent personality

She has the most sincere life and honor, she does not rely on "beg" for a living. She will independently arrange her own time, she will do everything at her own pace rather than the other's footsteps. The independent Leo girl can always make her lover dare not to be rash, and thus he will be very loyal to her incomparably.

6, Virgo

Love trick: Keep demeanor

Virgo girl will always remain lady style, will not let him see her sorry figure. Even if she is very sad and inconsolably despair in heart, she will not communicate with her liked boy in confusion. She will resolve everything after calming down. This rational love trick will make her lover impressive.

7, Libra

Love trick: do not pester

Libra girl always does not like to pester in love. She has her own trajectory, so she does not turn around him for everything. She will keep her lover at arm's length to reserve some space, which always let the other try to stick close to her.

8, Scorpio

Love trick: keep her hand

Scorpio girl is always mysterious, she is also very honest, but she will keep her hand. This will make her lover do not understand her, so her lover dares not to make wrong things to her in love, because she keeps her hand.

9, Sagittarius

Love trick: play hard to get

To keep a little distance in a relationship at the beginning will help to add a bit of mystery. Sagittarius girl is in this case in love. Obviously she may miss her lover very much, but she will pretend to ignore him. So instead she will win the final victory.

10, Capricorn

Love trick: part moderately

Sometimes breaking up is a means. Capricorn girl always remains objective and rational in love. If she feels unsatisfied, she may make a break. Her lover may feel sad, but her frank attitude will make this relationship develope more rationally.

11, Aquarius

Love trick: keep fresh

Love is like the door buster, people in love need to keep giving freshness and sense of wonder with each other. Because if there is no progress between lovers, then there is regress. Aquarius girl has strange thinking, she will often give her lover amazing feeling like an unexpected gift, which will make her lover feel so warm.

12, Pisces

Love trick: show talent

Everyone knows to shop around to get a good buy. Pisces gril has always been the role of a talented person. If she is not beautiful, at least she has to read some books and have some knowledge, so she can show her talent at the most appropriate time to let others admire. Her lover will also have the honour.