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the peculiar excellence of 12 constellation girls

There are many different kinds of women in the world. You could be described as excellent woman as long as you could live self-confidently and independently. What kinds of women are 12 constellation female belonging to from the personality?

Aries: naive female

They dare to do anything, always give warm, lively and full of momentum feeling. But sometimes they are inevitably impulse without innumerable twists and turns of the mind. They are silly and naive, but also are very naive and cute.

Taurus: material female

They advocate money and material enjoyment, and know how to use their earned money to enjoy life. There is nothing wrong with material life, but it could motivate people to move forward step by step. Taurus is practical and hardworking originally.

Gemini: tricky female

The trick talking about here is not to harm anyone, but to keep a little trick when contacing in society, They use it to protect themselves from harm. How could you be called as exquisite double-sided Gemini without this wisdom?

Cancer: literary female

They are sensitive and delicate with super sensibility to the outside world. And the writing, painting, drama often become a channel to vent the mood. Music, painting, and literary text are always the Cancer female's hobby.

Leo:  female of quality

They have strong self-esteem, and attach importance to reputation. They are always so proud and lofty in the eyes of others. They care about quality and enjoy the honor with the grand lady style.

Virgo: analities female

They are born crazy about details, and strive for perfection for any little detail. They are in the pursuit of perfection. They are very strict in themselves and others, which is a bit unbearable. But people have to love them when seeing the results.

Libra: petty female

Petty is the pronoun of Libra. A tiny ray of warm sunshine, a cup of coffee in the afternoon will make them quite satisfied. And they are fond of musicals, symphonies, etc. very much.

Scorpio: dwelling female 

The thinking and behavior are mysterious, and never care about other people's sight. "Others laugh at them too insane, they laugh others see through". They stay at home alone, pondering their favorite things. They are dwelling female.

Sagittarius: forest female

They advocate freedom, and are longing for freedom like a bird flying in the sky. They like to go around looking for new things with relaxed attitude to life. They are natural forest female.

Capricorn: cool female

They were born in winter, so the temperature of the heart is lower than the others. They are most mature and realistic with self-reliance. They have Urban white-collar workers style in dressing and temperament. They are very cool.

Aquarius: punk woman

The calm and rational appearance perfectly concealed deep warmth. They have a desire to break the world and have heavy self-critical thoughts. They don't parrot what others say or pursue popularization. They have creativity, which is the punk rock spirit.

Pisces: little gentlewoman

They are cute and fantastic princess. They are next door girls who are spoiled and self-willed. Men usually stand off this type of girls.

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