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Who is your love patron saint

Speaking of twelve Zodiac, a lot of people know what they are. But when it comes to Zodiac patron saint of love, I believe that not everyone know.  Some people will wonder about the Zodiac patron saint of love.  In layman's terms, love patron saint is one Zodiac or a certain kind of practice and even a certain position to make your love and emotions relatively smooth.  For those unmarried older men and women, it is better to know their Zodiac patron saint of love, and then try with the following methods to see if there will be any windfall.

First. Love patron saint for Zodiac Rat and Zodiac Monkey is Zodiac Dragon

Therefore, if you belong to these two Zodiac, and you still haven't found your true love, the most taboos are: (1) avoid raising dog as pet; (2) avoid sleeping in the north-west of home; (3) need to be aware of your emotions in the Zodiac Dog year. The solution: You'd better sleep in the south-east, or put a small fish tank in the south-east of home, which will make your patron saint of love demonstrate courage and power to help you emotionally!

Second.  Love patron saint for Zodiac Snake and Zodiac Rooster is Zodiac Goat

Your most two taboos are: Firstly, you must not place a fish tank in the northeast of your home, otherwise it will be absolutely unfavorable for your emotions, your love road will not be smooth; Secondly, avoid eating mutton. The solution: You'd better place a fish tank containing two black fishes in the southwest to enhance your love fortune! Also you can put your bedroom in the southwest with your head towards the west!

Third.  Love patron saint for Zodiac Tiger and Zodiac Horse is Zodiac Dog

The most taboo for Zodiac Tiger and Zodiac Horse is to eat dog meat, which will especially have the greatest impact on emotions.  And you must not sleep in the southeast of your home, otherwise it might destroy your patron saint of love and delay your love!  The best way is: You'd better place your bedroom in the northwest with feet towards the south,  then you will win speedy success in love! Also you can post some VIP portraits in the Northwest of home to play a great role!

Fourth. Love patron saint for Zodiac Rabbit and Zodiac Pig is Zodiac Ox

Likewise, the most taboo is to see toilet and fish tank in the northeast of your home, which would be unfavorable for your love fortune and it is difficult for you to succeed!  And the most taboo is to eat beef too. You'd better not put your bedroom in the southwest. You'd better put it in the northeast with feet towards west, then you will have good love fortune naturally!

Fifth. Love patron saint for Zodiac Dragon, Zodiac Dog, Zodiac Ox and Zodiac Goat are themselves 

Love patron saints for Zodiac Dragon, Zodiac Dog, Zodiac Ox and Zodiac Goat are themselves.

Speaking Zodiac fortune, many people may think that it is inaccurate. In fact, you can find many truths if you used correctly. You'd better subject to horoscopes (Eight Characters) when it is down to one issue or something. The emergence of anything or phenomena must hide a particular law behind, which will not exist or disappear because you believe it or not. The more typical is: The universal gravitation exists before the discovery of Newton! So, you'd better not always say that you do not believe in horoscopes, your attitude does not matter too much!