Dream of a girl

Dreaming of a little girl often symbolizes that she is full of hope for life.

Dreaming of a strange little girl indicates that a new relationship is about to begin.

Dream of an unattractive little girl, suggesting that you should guard against the villains around you.

Dreaming of a healthy and beautiful little girl indicates a bright future and a happy family.

Dream of a girl thin and pale, suggesting that some of your family members will get sick, and there are many annoying things.

Dreaming of a little girl imprisoned or in distress implies that she has repressed ideals or integrity in her heart.

Dreaming of a lively and lovely little girl indicates good news for the dreamer's distant relatives and friends.

Dreaming that a girl is angry with you indicates that now is a good time to get married. It's time for you to propose to your lover.

Dreaming of holding a little girl indicates that there will be some shadow in your health in the near future. Pay special attention to & ldquo; Heart disease;, If you don't open your heart, you can easily suffer from neurasthenia.

Dreaming of a little girl crying indicates that your recent fortune is very prosperous and everything is going well. It's a good omen.

Different people dream of girls

An adult man dreams that his wife has a girl, which means he is very happy in his old age.

A man dreams that he is a little girl, which indicates that he will become an actor and play a woman in the play, or it means that he is very weak.

Unmarried women dream of young girls, suggesting that they will not get married in the near future.

Pregnant women dream of giving birth to a girl, which indicates that there are noble people to help. In addition, pregnant women dream of giving birth to a girl, which also indicates that the baby in their belly is a girl.

Entrepreneurs dream that they have girls, good fortune, increased luck in speculation and gambling, and opportunities for appreciation of investment projects, but the expenditure on play began to increase.

New employees dream that they have a girl. Generally speaking, those who love Taoist right and wrong must be right and wrong. Such people like to spend all day exploring other people's privacy, complaining about the bad colleague, the boss having an affair, and so on.

Businessmen dream of holding a little girl, which indicates that your recent financial luck is not very smooth. You need to wait for a good opportunity to return.

Job seekers dream of holding little girls, which indicates that your job-hunting attitude is pragmatic, you have your own clear goals, you pay more attention to salary, and you are likely to bribe.