See through Capricorn girl

Advantages: She is a well organized, incomparable better half. She has independent personality and sturdy patience. The more critical the more calm. She would be the most successful thirdparty.

Disadvantages: She would not hesitate to sacrifice love for career, the headmaster of doctrinairism, afraid to face the vulnerable side of the heart, old-fashioned, stiff, stubborn, too strong idea of family status.

Capricorn woman is a governor in born. She has ambition, pursues perfection, does anything with the most demanding standards, and spares no efforts to achieve the goal. However, under her tough appearance lurks the heart of a lack of a sense of security.

People often think that she is indifferent, she really is not easy to soften before love. She often wears mask to her loved one with a lack of a genuinely warm. However, she is a passionate person, and is loyal to lover absolutely. Capricorn woman cares about appearance, so she can not stand man who is fat, dirty or spotty. She cares about how others think, looks forward to meeting confident object. Her attention to position and influence will make her the most suitable for men of high social status.

She fears people to think that she was not perfect. In fact, she criticizes herself serverest, and never forgives her fault. It is best to be more tolerant to herself and others. In addition, do not care too much about herself, accidental situation wouldn't hurt her. If too tight and strict, emotions can not be free to express, she would lose his temper in the little things. Think about the feelings of lover and assist him to express the fear, and let him know she will not refuse him coldly.

The Capricorn woman often will marry a man who is older than she, which has no relationship with father complex. Affected by Saturn, she is very traditional, values social status very much, she will instinctively lock successful people as marriage partner, and this circle are Uncle level, so the it is not surprising for a Capricorn woman to fall in love with old rich man. It is just because of her innate pessimism and insecurity. Unless you can give her more material and the spiritual sense of security than the old man, or you'd better give up early as soon as possible.

Capricorn woman should participate in open, constructive conversations more, and worry less about her appearance. Her earnest, faithful, sincere and absolute responsibility make her become the maximum support for lover. She is very special, has very strong loving heart. 

Love Tips: It is best to learn to live and work separatedly, otherwise she could never be able to play the role of a good girlfriend or wife.