See through cancer girl

Keywords & mdash& mdash; Sentimental, family ideal

This is a delicate, elusive, nostalgic and strongly emotional constellation. With the characteristics of women, people are full of curiosity about interpretation. They are as charming and sad as Pisces, but more elusive. This elusive comes from their contradictory characteristics. They are active, independent, but negative and pessimistic. Their mood also fluctuates with the integration of this complex character. They often show cowardice and uneasiness in their love life, but they often show great endurance in the face of what they pursue.

Their delicate mind makes them look more feminine. They can be sensitive to any subtle emotional changes around them, but the measures usually taken are not revealed, but placed in their hearts, unless they give her a great impact. Therefore, although they have rich emotions, they don't like to be easily discovered. Cancer girls with these characteristics are destined to be unable to put down their emotions in their life. However, this does not mean that you can approach at will. On the contrary, cancer is one of the few constellations in the 12 constellations that can not easily approach its heart.

The delicate cancer, to a great extent, makes the cancer sister feel the beauty of love better than others. They look forward to every moment of love. This also makes them picky about love, although cancer women often think they are always hurt. To tell the truth, in a sense, they themselves are also accomplices to tragedy. Their pickiness is different from other constellations, not in appearance, not in character, but in whether they can form resonance in their hearts. This sets too harsh and self conditions for their love ideals. If they do not meet this, they will be based on them. And the most terrible thing is that their love screening does not just stay in the contact period. Even if the two people are together, the delicate cancer is still observing the other half. If they find that their initial judgment is just a misunderstanding, they will still choose to leave. Despite the pain.

And all this, in other people's eyes, is simply sentimental. You may think that cancer girls have just suffered some sudden emotional stimulation and produced psychological changes, and that's just an appearance. As I said before, they always have their own special judgment criteria in their hearts. The idea of this constellation with the supremacy of the spiritual world can not be easily understood by others. The reason for their sadness and even leaving is only the fuse, which has triggered their accumulated disappointment and injury.

However, they are out and out idealists. Different from Pisces' love fantasy, cancer's idealism comes from many aspects and finally integrates into the world they understand. They even like dramatic life changes. To some extent, they subconsciously set roles for themselves, which is the only way for cancer to escape from reality. This is one of the reasons why people often misunderstand cancer. Most of the time, they don't understand the role setting of cancer.

It should be noted that as the guardian of the fourth house, cancer has a strong family desire, which is more obvious in cancer girls. This is not to say how actively they want to form a family, but that their family consciousness makes them conservative, cautious in behavior, and cautious in choosing a spouse. Therefore, in addition to meeting their spiritual requirements, you must also be honest, reliable and give them a sense of security. They need a lot of shelter, and their hearts are sensitive, pure but fragile. Unfortunately, not many people pay attention to this, do they? So, you see one hysterical and jumpy cancer girl after another. Don't you know it's just the sequelae of a broken heart. What is even more rare is the ability to mend the broken heart of cancer Girls & ldquo; Craftsman & rdquo;. Well, I don't want to talk about these painful tragedies.

So, for those men who still want to try to win the favor of cancer girls, the following suggestions are for your reference:

  • Please ensure that your ability, as a responsible man, can not trample on the soul of cancer girls at will.
  • Don't be intimidated by cancer's hesitation and indifference. For this constellation with a large proportion of the inner world, they need to review your things. You can't take the initiative to show it to her. She needs to observe patiently.
  • Don't lean too hard, give her a chance to breathe. When she really needs you, she will naturally know how to give you a signal to get close. Then she won't hate you no matter how tight you lean.
  • Don't ignore the details. The indifference and disgust that you don't care about will be seen by cancer one by one, recorded, accumulated and even erupted.

If you like to appreciate the soul with delicate mind, and like to feel and guess the careless thinking of women, Cancer woman must be the first choice, which will make your emotional life full of interest. However, please accept her sensitivity as you like her advantages, meet her more shelter needs than other women, and don't be a sinner who breaks the heart of cancer girls. About this, it's not about astrology, it's about being a man.