See through an Aquarius girl


Advantages:Have the courage to challenge the secular bias, love purely, loyal, frank and cheerful, independent and tolerant and chic royal sister qualities.

Disadvantages:The neurotic paranoid, Plato syndrome, out of the reality, too arrogant and calm, disdain to explain and would miss true love.

Aquarius girl always likes to be the spectator behind the scenes, watching everything coldly and quietly, all are within the consideration, she never feels scared, it is because she believes she should do so. She is like a theater, always stays aloof from the affair. Do not blame her indifference, this is her unique way to protect herself.

The Aquarius girl might never know what she wants, but she has been very clear about what she dislikes. She's like a hedgehog, gets ready to put up the quills, but her thorns will not hurt people, she just uses them to protect herself. She does not dare to ask for too much love, she's afraid to be suffered doubly after enjoying love. So when lover loves her too much, she will not be happy, but she will escape with horror. She does not know how to reciprocate the love of others. If you could get her love, it is because she's already known how to face and return.

Aquarius girl pursues the friendship between gentlemen is as pure as crystal. She's known how to love, but she is not used to love, she believes that love is often accompanied by hatred, which is the too heavy pain. Aquarius girl dislikes pain, will not bother to hate. So in order to prevent the arrival of the hatred and pain, she has to choose not to love. Even she's in love, it is a light and calm love. Do not blame her, she really does not know how to focus.

Aquarius girl has altruism spirit. When a friend is in trouble, she will immediately help the poor get rid of danger. She believes in human rights and freedom, and strives to live by her true belief. When she has different opinion with others, she is committed to communicate, will not stuck in anger, shouting or decadent mood. She will rule out the negative aspects and pursues the positive side, and perform her fairness.

Aquarius girl sometimes is very hypocritical. Do not blame her, the reason is that you pervert her to do what she dislikes to, but she can not refuse. She is not used to guarantee or refuse, she is best at making difficulty for herself. She does not want to make you sad, but will make her own sad.

Aquarius girl always stubbornly believes she has unusual endurance, she thinks herself is too strong, and the others are too fragile. She always worries her actions might hurt others. She does not know that she would be hurt. But she does not know how to express. Do not think that she is very handsome, mostly she actually could not put down --- she is more sensitive and exquisite than anyone else, but she will not let you know. She knows that it is useless to let you know. 

Her heart is like the wind that you can not grasp. She desires to be simple and free like the wind. She does not dislike to calm down, but she could not find the reason to calm down. She could not find her role in this world, she could only keep seeking her ultimate goal. If she found, she would stop without any hesitation, and give up the wandering mind. Unfortunately, she will never meet her never-ending pursuit. She could not persuade herself to give up her own dream, the dream is her only strong point. Do not make her disappointed. She does not know how to forgive, she is very hungry for the perfect. Although she's known that the world is not absolutely perfect, but she has the absolute pursuit of perfect dedication. If you disappointed her, she would leave irreparably, even though her heart is blooding, even if the pain has overwhelmed her life, she would never look back. At that time, you would see her cold-blooded expression. You would feel painful cold than hatred.

The Aquarius girl will leave you with her mind. She might be so kind to you and make you flattered at the first half a minute, and indifferent to you to make you unacceptable in the latter half minute. Do not ask why she is so fickle, she does not know. Do not confuse if you see the girl is happy or sad crazily. No matter how crazy she looks like, in fact her heart is calm. She knows how to deal with happiness and sadness than anyone else. She just is used to --- you can say that she likes to make everything become crazy. Because she feels that it is her obligation and right. She is good at manufacturing atmosphere.

Aquarius girl always involuntarily controlls the joy and melancholy. She is not so happy as you see. Samely, not so sad as you see. She just likes to put on a happy mask on depression. When she is happy, depression would not easily let her go. In her bottle there is no pleasure, but she does not want to drop tears in front of others. You see her laugh like a child, you sometimes believes that she's so naive like an angel coming out a fairy tale. However, you will see the lingering sadness on her quiet face.  She could see through the emptiness of the material world.

Aquarius girl will completely acquit herself only at midnight. She would not reveal her helplessness, her loss, her vicissitudes in the public eye. Her bottle of water are the dndless tears. She is trying to cover up the weakness. Aquarius girl has a split personality on her with two opposing extremes. This will not make her confused, because she is Aquarius woman, she just wants to live truly, but she must pay a lot of costs!

The Aquarian woman's too much independence sometimes will become love stumbling block. Women would better know how to properly express weakness to make others like. Of course, if she has maken up mind to be single, powerfulness could protect you. And to tell the truth, Aquarius woman could live a better life alone. She is too tolerant to lose the principles. She frequently feels unable to manage others, and should manage herself, but at last she would lose herself. Confident and assertive Aquarius female would be likely to marry a rich husband, but often ended in divorce due to the whims. It is good that she does not like to dwell and will break up decisively.

Only the Aquarius female who has been deeply hurt by love, will walk around love with pretending unrestrained and free attitudes. In addition, she has the ability to accept new things rather than feelings. She cares about her first love so much, will refuse to be contaminated by evil influences. If you can be proud to be her first love, you will find that she will love you wholeheartedly. But sometimes she expresses some grotesque neurotic behavior, it is because she does not know how to express her love.

Love Tips:You are not a savior, you also need someone to care about. Nothing to be ashamed of showing weakness. You would be more lovely than pretending to be strong.