See through Taurus girl

Advantages: Taurus girls are gentle, rustic, look after family, good at cooking, pay attention to the quality of life, have good taste and amazing perseverance, they are loyal dedicated, pursue justice with no turning back for love.

Disadvantages: They are stubborn, obstinate, slow, seem good-natured but very petty in reality. They are lascivious, avaricious, marriage mad, low self-esteem mad and crush mad.

In fact, Taurus girls are not old-fashioned, they are very playful. However, due to the influence of solar Taurus, even how lively and interesting they are in everyday life, but emotionally they are very conservative. They would spend most of the efforts to maintain a meaningless love rather than spend a little time to find a wonderful new feelings.

Taurus girls like to wait. They can wait for seven or eight years in order to get married. It does not matter for a young girl to wait, but she may find that the other side is not good enough when she grows older, so many Taurus woman became old maid.

Taurus women are often love-sick because they have too strong desire to be in possession. They are afraid to change once falling in love, they would be likely to become person with a very limited outlook.  The most stupid and the most effective way is to break up completely.

Do not despair, though they were hurt heavily in the early love experiences, because of their tenacity and dedication, they could find the right object. So the injured Taurus women need not to mourn. They can live a happy life if keeping eyes open to pick good lovers.

Love Tips:  I know you are good at enduring, but it is not enough to endure, you will be hurt sooner or later. You'd better learn to use soft way.