Dream of a young girl

Dream of a girl, express hope, or indicate that you will receive good news.

Dreaming of a strange girl indicates that she is about to start a new relationship.

Dream of a imprisoned girl or a girl in distress, symbolizing the suppressed ideal or integrity in her heart. The image of a girl becomes a symbol of truth or honesty at this time. According to the different emotions in the dream, it shows your brave pursuit of truth and integrity, or your inner self condemnation.

Dreaming of an unattractive girl indicates that you should beware of the villains around you in the near future and avoid bad things.

Dreaming of talking with a girl indicates an ominous omen.

Different people dream of girls

A girl dreams of a girl who will be unable to get married.

A married woman dreams of a girl, which is an ominous sign. Her husband will refuse the source of income.

A man dreams of a girl who can get a lot of money.

Dreaming of talking to a girl is an ominous sign.

Women dream that girls will be driven out of the house.

The soldier dreamed of talking to the girl and going back to work.

Men dream that they don't want to lose money when they attend girls' banquets.