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Dreaming of Laughing

  • Laughter is an emotional fluctuation, loss of calm and caution, suggesting that the dreamer will encounter sadness and misfortune.
  • Dreaming of laughing with the family indicate that family life will not be calm no longer, there will be disputes or pain.
  • Dreaming of laughing with the enemy indicate that you can not properly distinguish between friends and enemies, you will make friends leave sadly, you will be separated from the friends.
  • Dreaming of laughing with the stranger indicate that you can not correctly handle interpersonal relationship, and therefore suffer misfortune, you'd better have calm attitude towards others. This dream may also indicate that you will have bad news.
  • Dreaming of laughing with people who was beaten indicate that some of some of your relatives will die.
  • A patient dreams of laughing happily indicates that the patient will get well.
  • The lovers dream of laughing happily together indicate that they will love each other very much. 
  • A patient dreams of laughing indicates that the dreamer will eradicate disease.