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Analyzing the relationship of husband and wife through marriage lines

1. If the starting point of the arriage-line is deep, while the ending point is shallower and shallower, which means that the couple will be attached at the beginning of the marriage, but become cold after a period of time. Undeniably, nearly no couple will live as sweetly as a wedding night. If the starting point of the marriage-line is shallow, while the ending point is deeper and deeper, which means that the couple will love each other more and live in harmony.

2. Too long marriage-line suggests unsuccessful marriage. A person with such kind of palmistry is dishonest, the other half is very likey to have an accident, get hurt or get sick. This guy really needs to rely on self-cultivation to resolve the bad luck.

3. If the marriage-lines bend downward, which means that you can't find your true love. You may be troubled by illness or you may have an affair, you can't get along well with your lover.

4. If two marriage-lines cross with the sun-line, which means that you will marry with the rich, but you may also have ill luck.

5. If the clear marriage-lines and sun-line don't meet, which means that you can find a good lover and enjoy a happy marriage life.

6. If the ending point of the arriage-line bends downward and meets and crosses with the sun-line, which means that you are very likely to break up with your lover or your lover will even die beause of illness. You'd better cultivate your mind to resolve.

7. If the marriage-lines are messy, which means that you will make a mountain out of a molehill, cause the family crisis and thus give your children a bad model. If the marriage-lines are disturbed by the miscellaneous lines, which means that the couple will be disatisfied with each other and can't coordinate with each other, the relationship will turn cold and complain about each other. You'd better back down actively so as to resolve the misunderstanding, otherwise there will be bad consequences.

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