Fengshui and Bazi could teach you how to marry a rich husband?

Marry a rich man with training; & ldquo; How to marry a multimillionaire & rdquo; The marriage and love training course is probably coming to an end. In more than a month, a total of 12 women signed up, 11 paid 10800 yuan of training fees, and a 44 year old female student paid 20000 yuan of VIP training fees. The training class spent 40 hours learning how to marry a multimillionaire.

In addition to values and right and wrong, today, ditian lay will talk about how to marry a multimillionaire and how to get a golden turtle son-in-law on the theory of fortune and Feng Shui.

In terms of numerology and geomantic omen, it is believed that there are certain reasons for whether women can marry millionaires. Ditian lay believes that if they want to marry millionaires, they can start from geomantic omen and numerology

What about Feng Shui?

1. First of all, you have to live in a lucky house with rising fortune. If you live in a unlucky house, the possibility of marrying a multimillionaire is zero.

2. Qinglong gets the position

In geomantic omen, the green dragon dominates the noble, which represents the position of the noble. Ditian residents believe that living in a house where the left Qi field exceeds the right Qi field, they will have a higher chance of meeting the noble than ordinary people. The layout of the home is better on the left than on the right.

3. The bed should be straight

Beds have a great impact on marriage. If you want to marry a multimillionaire, at least you can't be flushed. You should rely on the back of the bed. Don't be affected by adverse Feng Shui. At the same time, you have to check whether the bedroom has also made a taboo.

4. Auspicious help

You can improve your fortune by arranging some mascots. Remember that Feng Shui is in life. Sometimes you can simply put a hydrophyte in the upper left corner of your desk to improve your fortune.

What about numerology?

Women with a high number of injured officials in the eight character life style are generally not easy to have a successful marriage. It will be more difficult for such people to marry a multimillionaire. This probability exists only if the other party is much older than themselves or a divorced and widowed man.

It's easy for men to get emotional when officials kill women who are more popular in the eight character life style, and there will be more heterosexual relationships. However, when they have the opportunity to meet multimillionaires, they are already married or have a group of boyfriends. It's suggested to prefer lack to abuse.

A woman who hits only one official star and has a pure aura is easy to marry well in her life. The probability of marrying a noble husband or a golden turtle son-in-law will be higher than others.

The above is how to marry a millionaire in the need to know the fate of Feng Shui. As for wanting to marry well, it is also human nature. There is no reason to blame. In love, the poorer it is, the more single-minded and affectionate it is. The rich are not necessarily evil husbands. It also depends on their own character and their fate.