Fengshui and Bazi could teach you how to marry a rich husband?

Setting aside the sense of worth, sense of right and wrong, today we will teach you how to marry a millionaire from numerology and fengshui.

How to do in fengshui?

A. First of all you'd better live in an auspicious house with ascendant trend. The possibility of marrying a multimillionaire is zero if living in a house with bad luck.

B. Green Dragon keeps the right position

In Fengshui(geomancy) Green Dragon rules riches and honor, is on behalf of the orientation of honored people. You'd better live on the left side of the house than the right side to have more chance to meet honored people. The layout of house is best to put left side over right side.

C. Bed position should be positive

Bed position has great influence on marriage. If you want to marry a multimillionaire, your bed at least should not be conflicting, the bed must be backed. It must not be affected by unfavorable Fengshui. And you'd better check if the bedroom breaks a taboo?

D. Enhance good luck by mascots

You'd better place some mascots to improve your fortune.  Fengshui is always in our lives.  Sometimes you can simply place a flora on the upper left corner of your desk to enhance personal fortune.

How to do in numerology?

A. Women with flourishing Shangguan in Bazi generally could not have good marriage, it is very difficult for these people to marry multimillionaire. But they might have chance If the others were much older or divorced or widowed men.

B. Women with flourishing Guansha in Bazi would make men attracted, they would be very popular by opposite sex. But they would be already married or had groups of boyfriends when they encountered the multimillionaire. You'd better not choose boyfriend at random.

C. Women with only one Guan star in Bazi with sterling aura would be easy to marry a good husband, the possibilities of marrying a multimillionaire would be higher than others.

The above are the numerology and fengshui that you need to know if you want to marry a multimillionaire, and it is natural to marry well. We can not determine a person's moral quality from wealth. We have to depend on people's character and fate.