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Which constellations the deeper they love, the more confrontational they will be

Some people together not wait to worry about broken heart, left suddenly regret, expected to live with each other again; some people obviously love quite in the United States, but two shares King said what are poles apart not put together; so the two sides heart mustering strength divided to both sides of the seesaw, not East Eats West, westerly overwhelming Dongfeng, you Changba me play rivalry war thus opened ...... come with everyone to see these tragic experience at loggerheads to explore how to get along, moves to defuse the damage to the feelings of wheatgrass group.

First, Sagittarius + Pisces

Rivalry reasons: rhythm irregularities, spiritual level and psychological difficult consistent pace.

Contradiction playback:the free will of the shooter's high-profile climb, running all the way to the pursuit of each other; Pisces whims and fantasy uppercase close-up, let the other side and then how to drive straight, no matter how attractive stun is lukewarm to have to stretch for a while ambiguous, which know each other patience suddenly turned a somersault, once found signs of passion can not be achieved immediately lower flame, Pisces This perception, very unwilling, so often mixed with the inexplicably sad jealousy and ironic intellectual "care" ; shooter love suddenly worse: "staves head" not only did not understand the spirit of lack of intellectual, often flying in dry ice - imposed prejudice and bound, 36 go on! The suddenness of a thunderbolt of love calls for transfer. The Pisces teeth on the other side of the Fa transferred Henji.

To the Sagittarius

1, Dissatisfaction from the outset to stop it.

2, where you first look at him (her) place in a timely manner.

To the Piscis

1, clearly tell people: Dear, in fact, I know your heart.

2, would like to be with him, it is more than just concentrate used in the point of looking to talk to each other and a common interest activities.

Second: Capricorn + Sagittarius

Rivalry reasons: the focus of willpower, the space required in the cross collision.

Contradiction playback:Capricorn Once in the emotional state, the share of conscientious due diligence is conscientious like vodka Biezulejin, violent exudes momentum route of responsibility and the state in very clear and work hard to completely hopes shooter the other half with own Gong Jintui. Happens to encounter each other in a state of love like carry mountains reluctance burdened with life an unbearable weight, not their own space to suppress the fire evolved into endocrine disorders silly acne. Capricorn stubborn self-will rise again in this time: Monkey clever escape the Tathagata palm! The shooter for freedom and rights will fully outbreak: In order to easily catch your breath, or quarreling, or leave the territory. Which led to the sudden disappearance of Capricorn backbone, to worry about paying the capital thing of the past. So the more afraid the more they want to hold on, the more they want to grasp the more lost, often full of grievances at almost midnight, tearfully.

To the Capricorn

1, it is better to turn attract each other: first find part-time doing, force or to divert attention.

2, do not always together, but each appointment to create a romantic, relaxed.

To the Sagittarius

1, may wish to tell each other: Honey, take it easy, in fact, I can.

2, and the other to discuss and plan a good time together, they must attack to fight for space.

Third. Virgo + Aquarius

Rivalry reasons: two people to do things themselves in society in different ways, suspected mischief.

Contradiction playback: Virgin everything opened a preparatory prelude to a high-profile, intensive, strict governance; bottle is free flowing improvisation, it helps the more stunned the world; complementary originally outset each other corona. But hidden under the veil of time before long a little bit emotional doubt and bottles of the Virgin on the details of things rational skepticism slowly looked up and collision: Virgin rigorous a change of heart; the bottle temperature Fudge logic, has a consistent principle. Virgin did not understand the fugue and elegant of the bottle, suspected bottle improvisation "of the phrase" God may already prepared, the neurotic find details of life corresponding to; bottle suspect each other's tension is more firmly bound and can not be understanding of the principles of change, so spaced. Two people sometimes often mutually Ironically, the Virgin suspect something fishy about to be gone, out of control under; bottle hate the other side of the narrow-minded, calculating, impatient ......

To the virgin

1, the suspect can not be mingled with jealousy, wish and encounter another angle to appreciate each other.

2, use relaxation peace of mind to trust each other, rely as little as possible.

To the Aquarius

1, the warmth of a cup of coffee is better than a blunt aroused displeasure.

2, considerate language to praise each other in the details of the deal is better than emergency irony.

Fourth. Leo+Capricorn

Rivalry reasons: Running out of the psychological, the lion's power pk Capricorn control.

Contradictions playback:lion is a lion, once close friends with people and exchange of punches, the desire to control and dominance of the energy necessary to big mouth Spitfire, which know a case of the Capricorn mouth open only half the efficiency significantly reduced; Capricorn is magic Jie, pressure top but I'm stubborn, tone mad I can not escape attention to the substance of discernment, powerful offensive no match for a planned two principles consistently good. However, Unfortunately, the lion's heroism and authority psychology can not be met is not to give you real love, not in their own way and choose the good, the stubborn Capricorn is not hardy open up and display their love for each other, Yucheng each other. Thus, both in the out-of-control pressure lonely days ...

To the Leo

Patient step-by-step explanation of the most practical, durable and practical gift is the most effective.

To the Capricorn

First, the language of praise in time with each other's performance in text messages and phone dating.

Fifth. Libra + Cancer

The rivalry reasons: the contradiction between rational and emotional defense, Libra the moderation and Cancer of the whims difficult to reconcile.

Contradiction playback: Libra moderation like to see things done about moderation, so naturally the achievements of the interval of the United States; Cancer is certainly true feelings hidden, but the heart is quite eager to passive hope to gain the initiative, which know met Libra retractable the only anxious degrees. As a result, the scales of active only half never did not constitute the initiative, Cancer wants to perfect happiness can not be and uncomfortable, always feel that two people separated, do not go near each other, and even whims irony "pretentious"; scales patiently explained not only can not be exchanged to understand also attracted a bunch of aggrieved nails and tears bomb. Libra the rational and Cancer of pessimism is the PK very tired, who can convince Who, who do not want more than that leap ......

To the Libra

1, the key is to see through: he (she) is good it is just to what extent. Other is not important.

2, dating to tell each other: I put your love thawed, so you live in my heart.

To Cancer

An initiative to create happy stronger than passive pique a million times

2, a word of rational communication After conceal stronger than a lot of love behavior.

Sixth. Gemini + Pisces

Rivalry reasons: the two sides in each other's sense of security are not met, ambiguous different focus.

Contradiction playback:Pisces unique fantasy rapid expansion of the previous feelings of love into experience in Gemini body; Gemini clever idea came eye for an eye person in his body. Pisces extremely care about the pay, always want to take the initiative to passive; Gemini is a long line hanging big fish spirit communication, the results of the bait, but is overwhelmed by the soft-shelled turtle, disappointed ...... Later, both thought the other was stubborn and prejudice self-imposed, hate without phoenix solo wing, the heart have more awkward ... and then an analysis of the economic approach: Gemini do not like the Pisces smart thought it was stingy, Pisces do not like Gemini flexible thought it was a waste ...... later exclaimed: inconsistent attitude towards sex, Pisces sexy as hell, enjoy the love from the feelings, the twin focus on spiritual psychological satisfaction ......

To the Gemini

1, I began to feel inappropriate, do not contact each other again!

2, since the start, we should learn to listen, to give him enough space.

To the Pisces

1, if you do not want to love, responsibility, do not always ambiguous or take advantage of an early end we still friends.

2, since the start, it would increase responsibility, the use of verbal communication, the warm transparent does not lose face.

Seventh. Taurus + Scorpio

The rivalry reasons: to attract each other but out of step.

Contradictions playback:Scorpio deep eyes really Notes practical Taurus, Taurus can also be seen the Scorpio stable, two people seem to interpret each other's calm sincerity of what you want; However, to attract a long time, but found something does not seem to taste ...... Scorpio acumen, regardless of revenge and desire to control slowly become the dominant element and two of the world's popular for Taurus stubborn delay, want to reject also welcome hanging Scorpio appetite, both sides unhappy seems to sub- segment soared to the extreme ...

To the Taurus

1, you have to love perfect, but in fact he (she) has long been to.

2. Come forward to coordinate the relationship between the two sides elders, pay attention to do not obtain too much material.

To Scorpio

1, you feel too sharp, do not let the other side too tired.

2, in front of the other elders or friends do not expose the feelings of displeasure.

Eighth. Aries + Cancer

Rivalry reasons: to express in different ways, the rhythm of the emotional experience.

Contradictions playback:Aries catch on the will of all the way to dash forward rush, love, hate in a hurry, all the excess in the eyes of the expression seems to be doctrinaire, wordy, Cancer stick ambiguous situation of the inflammation burnt burn was no trace of what is what, and before people Huiguo Shen, swiftly passed; Cancer stay in love quagmire unable to extricate themselves, each episode interpretation according to their own feeling full and clear. Aries impatient suddenly fly into a rage, a straight red eruption: "Would you stop?" Cancer sensitive perfectionist obviously very hurt, a pessimistic closed thinking comes into play again, and then self-injury hurt ...... hot war the end of the Cold War start.

To Aries

1, slowly, slowly and talk to him, slowly kissing ......

2, Gentle sweet spot, the most sensible angry is to go beyond that.

To Cancer

1, to relax the mind, only good understanding of each other to keep up with the beat.

2. Directly tell each other how you feel, such as: kissing put a long time ...