Which constellations love more deeply and compete more


Some people want to break their hearts when they are together. When they leave, they suddenly lose and hope to get each other again; Some people clearly love very beautiful, but what they say is totally different and can't be put together; So the hearts of both sides are full of strength, and they are divided into two sides of the seesaw. Either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind. After you sing, I come on stage, and the battle begins & hellip& hellip; Come and watch these bloody and tearful experiences, find ways to get along with each other in the competition, and make moves to resolve the & ldquo; Small ice mass & rdquo;.

1、 Sagittarius Pisces

Reasons for competition: the rhythm is inconsistent, and it is difficult for the spiritual level and psychological pace to be consistent.

Contradiction replay: the shooter's free will climbs high-profile and runs all the way to pursue each other; Pisces fantasizes about close-up in capital. No matter how long the other party drives in, no matter how charming and dizzy it is, it means that they have to stretch out for a while more vaguely, but they don't know that the other party's patience suddenly turns a big somersault. Once they find signs that can't be realized, the flame of passion immediately decreases. Pisces feels it and is very unwilling, So they often use reason mixed with inexplicable sadness, jealousy and sarcasm & ldquo; Care & rdquo;; The Sagittarius's love immediately worsened: This & ldquo; Barbed head & rdquo; Not only did not understand the spirit and lack of knowledge, but also often flew dry ice - imposing prejudice and constraints, and taking the initiative! The thunder can't hide your ears. Love calls for transfer. Pisces gnash their teeth at each other's flower heart and turn into hate.


To shooter

1. We should stop dissatisfaction from the beginning.

2. Where you arrive first, look back in time to see if he or she is in place.

To Pisces

1. Tell people clearly: honey, in fact, I know your heart.

2. If you want to spend more time with him, you should pay more attention to finding the point where you can talk to each other and enjoy activities together.

2、 Capricorn Sagittarius

Reason for competition: the focus of willpower is different, and the required space collides in the intersection.

Contradiction playback: once Capricorn enters the emotional state, his dedication and responsibility is like a full strength of vodka, which strongly exudes momentum. The responsibility route and input state are very clear. He works hard and hopes that the other half of the shooter will advance and retreat with him. It happens that the other party is struggling to bear the unbearable weight of life like carrying a mountain in the state of love. Without their own space, the fire of repression has evolved into a silly pox with endocrine disorder. At this time, Capricorn's stubborn self will rises again: no matter how clever the monkey king is, he can't escape the palm of the Tathagata! The shooter's will to fight for freedom and rights broke out: in order to breathe easily, either quarrel or run away. As a result, Capricorn suddenly lost his backbone and worried that the cost he paid would never return. So the more afraid, the more want to grasp, the more want to grasp, the more lose, often in the dead of night, full of grievances and tearful eyes.


To Capricorn

1. It's better to attract each other in turn: first find some part-time jobs and disperse your attention.

2. Not often together, but make every date romantic and relaxed.

To shooter

1. You might as well tell each other more: honey, don't be nervous. In fact, I can be alone.

2. Discuss with each other and plan the time together, and strive for space.

3、 Virgin water bottle

Reason for competition: two people have different ways of doing things and dealing with the world, and they are suspicious.

Contradiction replay: virgins start preparations with a high profile, intensive cultivation and strict management; The freedom and elegance of the bottle is improvised. The more improvised, the more amazing it can be; Such complementarity could have corona each other at the beginning. But only a little longer, the virgin's perceptual doubt about details and the bottle's rational doubt about things slowly rise and collide: there is a changing heart under the virgin's rigorous veil; There is a consistent principle in the logic of bottle high temperature flicker. Virgins do not understand the wandering and elegance of the bottle, and doubt the impromptu & ldquo; The language of God & rdquo; May be prepared early, nervous, looking for the corresponding details of life; The bottle will doubt that the other party's tension is more firmly binding on itself, and can't understand the change of principle, so she pulls apart. Sometimes two people often satirize each other. At this time, the virgin suspects that the other party has ghosts and wants to leave out of control; Bottle hates each other's careful eyes and calculations, and is impatient & hellip& hellip;


To a virgin

1. Doubt can't be mixed with jealousy. You might as well grasp the big and let go of the small, and appreciate each other from another angle.

2. Trust each other with a relaxed and peaceful attitude and rely as little as possible.

Water bottle

1. The warmth of a cup of coffee is better than the unhappiness aroused by a straight word.

2. Praise each other's handling of details with considerate language is better than acute irony.

4、 Lion Capricorn

Reasons for competition: psychological secret war, the power of the lion and the control of the Capricorn.

Contradiction replay: a lion is a lion. Once you have a deep friendship and fight with people, you have to spit out fire to control your desire and self-respect energy. Who knows that when you meet Capricorn, your mouth can only be opened half, and the efficiency value is significantly reduced; Capricorn is Capricorn. No matter how much pressure, I can't resist my stubbornness. No matter how crazy I am, I can't escape the magic eye of paying attention to the essence. No matter how powerful the offensive is, it can't defeat the steady attack of my one plan and two principles. However, the lion's heroism and authority psychology are not satisfied, that is, he does not give each other substantive love. The way for the good and stubborn Capricorn to get his own way is that he will not boldly and bravely let go of his love for each other. Therefore, both sides are lonely under the pressure of out of control & hellip& hellip;


To the lion

Patient step-by-step explanation is the most practical, and durable and practical gifts are the most effective.

To Capricorn

The first is to use compliments in time when the other party performs well, and the second is in text messages and phone calls after dating.

5、 Libra cancer

Reasons for competition: the contradiction between rational and perceptual defense, the golden mean of Libra and the frankness of cancer are difficult to reconcile.

Contradiction replay: Libra's golden mean likes to see things as the golden mean, which naturally achieves the beauty of spacing; Cancer hides his true feelings, but he is very eager in his heart. He hopes to win the initiative by passivity. He doesn't know that he can only worry when he meets the retraction and release of Libra. In this way, Libra's initiative is only half done, and it will never be active. The perfect happiness cancer wants can't be obtained and is very uncomfortable. They always feel that they can't get close to each other, and even casually satirize each other as & ldquo; Affectation & rdquo;; Libra's patient explanation not only failed to understand, but also caused a pile of grievance nails and tears bomb. As a result, Libra's rationality and cancer's pessimism are really tired of PK. No one can convince anyone, and no one is willing to take that step more & hellip& hellip;


To Libra

1. The key is to see through: his (her) good is only that degree. Nothing else matters.

2. After dating, tell each other: I melt your love in my heart, so you live there.

To cancer

1. Active happiness is 10000 times better than passive anger

2. A word of rational communication is better than a lot of disguised love behavior.

6、 Gemini Pisces

Reasons for rivalry: the two sides' sense of security to each other is not satisfied, and the ambiguous focus is different.

Contradiction replay: Pisces' unique fantasy expands rapidly, turning the feelings of previous love into experience and applying it to Gemini; And Gemini's wisdom suddenly appears, and he will treat him in his own way. Pisces is extremely concerned about the results of pay and always wants to turn initiative into passivity; Gemini, however, uses spiritual communication to put a long line to hang the big fish. As a result, it is the overburdened tuanfish that gets hooked, which is greatly disappointed & hellip& hellip; Later, both sides thought that the other side imposed stubbornness and prejudice on themselves. They hated Caifeng flying alone, and their hearts had a sharp connection, which was even more awkward & hellip& hellip; Again, the economic treatment is different: Gemini doesn't like Pisces' shrewdness and thinks it's stingy, and Pisces doesn't like Gemini's flexibility and thinks it's a waste & hellip& hellip; Later, he exclaimed: the sexual concept is inconsistent. Pisces is extremely sexy. They want to enjoy love from their feelings, but Gemini focuses on spiritual satisfaction & hellip& hellip;


To Gemini

1. Don't contact each other if you don't think it's appropriate at the beginning!

2. Now that we have started, we should learn to listen more and give him enough space.

To Pisces

1. If you don't want to be responsible for love, don't always be ambiguous or take advantage of it. End early. We are still friends.

2. Now that we have started, we should increase our sense of responsibility, communicate in more languages, be warm and transparent, and don't lose face.

7、 Taurus Scorpio

Reason for competition: attract each other but not at the same pace.

Contradiction replay: Scorpio's deep eyes really annotate Taurus's steadiness. Taurus can also see Scorpio's stability. Both seem to interpret their sincerity in each other's steadiness; However, after being attracted for a long time, I found that something seemed to taste wrong & hellip& hellip; Scorpio's keen, considerate revenge and desire to control have gradually become the dominant element and the popular trend of the two person world. Taurus's stubbornness, procrastination and desire to refuse are also hanging Scorpio's appetite. The unhappiness of both sides seems to soar to the extreme by Stages & hellip& hellip;


To Taurus

1. The love you want is too perfect, but in fact, he or she has already given it to you.

2. Be famous, coordinate the relationship between the elders of both sides, and pay attention not to ask for too much material.

To Scorpio

1. You're too sensitive. Don't make the other person too tired.

2. Never expose unpleasant feelings in front of each other's elders or friends.

8、 Aries cancer

Reasons for competition: different ways of expression and different rhythms of emotional experience.

Contradiction replay: Aries' stormy will rushes forward all the way. Love and hate are also in a hurry. The redundant expressions in his eyes seem to be empty and wordy. There is cancer's clinging ambiguity, which is burned like a burning fire. What is what, and it's gone before others return to their senses; Cancer is stuck in the mire of love, hoping to interpret each plot completely and clearly according to their own feelings. At this time, the acute son of Aries suddenly became angry and burst out with a sentence: & ldquo; Are you finished& rdquo; Cancer's sensitive perfectionism is obviously hurt. The pessimistic closed-loop thinking works again, and then hurts itself & hellip& hellip; The end of the hot war and the beginning of the cold war.


To Aries

1. Slow down, slow down, talk to him, slow down, kiss & hellip& hellip;

2. Be gentle and sweet. The wisest way to get angry is to stop.

To cancer

1. Relax your mind and understand that the other party can keep up with the beat.

2. Tell the other person how you feel & hellip& hellip;