Which constellations love more deeply and compete more


Some people want to break their hearts when they are together. When they leave, they suddenly lose and hope to get each other again; Some people clearly love very beautiful, but what they say is totally different and can't be put together; So the hearts of both sides are full of strength, and they are divided into two sides of the seesaw. Either the east wind overwhelms the west wind, or the west wind overwhelms the east wind. After you sing, I come on stage, and the battle begins & hellip& hellip; Come and watch these bloody and tearful experiences, find ways to get along with each other in the competition, and make moves to resolve the & ldquo; Small ice mass & rdquo;.

1、 Sagittarius Pisces

Reasons for competition: the rhythm is inconsistent, and it is difficult for the spiritual level and psychological pace to be consistent.

Contradiction replay: the shooter's free will climbs high-profile and runs all the way to pursue each other; Pisces fantasizes about close-up in capital. No matter how long the other party drives in, no matter how charming and dizzy it is, it means that they have to stretch out for a while more vaguely, but they don't know that the other party's patience suddenly turns a big somersault. Once they find signs that can't be realized, the flame of passion immediately decreases. Pisces feels it and is very unwilling, So they often use reason mixed with inexplicable sadness, jealousy and sarcasm & ldquo; Care & rdquo;; The Sagittarius's love immediately worsened: This & ldquo; Barbed head & rdquo; Not only did not understand the spirit and lack of knowledge, but also often flew dry ice - imposing prejudice and constraints, and taking the initiative! The thunder can't hide your ears. Love calls for transfer. Pisces gnash their teeth at each other's flower heart and turn into hate.


To shooter

1. We should stop dissatisfaction from the beginning.

2. Where you arrive first, look back in time to see if he or she is in place.

To Pisces

1. Tell people clearly: honey, in fact, I know your heart.

2. If you want to spend more time with him, you should pay more attention to finding the point where you can talk to each other and enjoy activities together.