Detailed explanation of Taurus in 12 constellations


Taurus April 20-21 ~ may 20-21

  • Constellation alias: Taurus in the west, Taurus in the Japanese, and Taurus in the wrong name.
  • Symbolic meaning: head and horn of Taurus, bull
  • Constellation symbol: earth image, Yin fixed constellation, prolific and affectionate palace.
  • Guardian planet: Venus.
  • Mascot: Scarab statue
  • Auspicious metal: Copper
  • Auspicious day: Friday
  • Auspicious color: Pink
  • Lucky week: Friday
  • Birthstone: Emerald (improve transportation, avoid disasters and enhance learning ability)
  • Guardian stone: Pink Crystal (strengthen imagination and calm emotions)
  • Lucky gem: sapphire
  • Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33
  • Auspicious plants: hyacinth, Mallow, violet, tulip
  • Relative Constellation: Scorpio.
  • Constellation formula: I have
  • Constellation word decision: establishment and harmony.
  • Temple Planet: Venus.
  • Wanshi Planet: moon.
  • Falling Planet: Pluto.
  • Weak Planet: Uranus.
  • Body parts: cerebellum, lobus cerebri, posterior cervical bone, neck, throat, vocal cords, mouth, tongue, ear, upper jaw, thyroid gland, tonsil, lower row of teeth, etc.
  • Constellation diseases: laryngitis, vocal cord inflammation, hearing, thyroid diseases, etc.
  • Positive features: patient, old-fashioned, home-based, Gong Neng, thorough, stable, reliable, practical, artistic and loyal.
  • Negative characteristics: self indulgent, stubborn, slow-moving, argumentative, bad tempered, possessive, greedy, materialistic.

Venus is the guardian star of Taurus, so Taurus is an old-fashioned constellation. He doesn't like changes. Stability is his attitude towards life. Taurus people are not impatient and impulsive, only patient, “ You can only be a master if you have to endure hardships;, It is just a reflection of them, and they are often stubborn. Once a decision is made, he doesn't like to change it. Due to the lack of security, unemployment is the problem Taurus is most afraid to face, which means that their life has lost its focus.

Taurus people are often said to be cold and hot, which often makes people feel unhappy. They usually don't like to be angry. They don't want to embarrass others. Taurus people are usually humorous, and their response is not as slow as others say. They just don't bother to express. When they are really angry, they will never tell anyone the reason, never say a word, which often makes people feel baffled. They don't want to be wronged, and they hate being wronged. They are naturally melancholy and have strong endurance. When these accumulate to the top, they will explode like a volcano. In front of people, they are a bit dull, but in fact, they are very smart and thoughtful. They know everything in their eyes. They hate to explain or argue about something because they think it doesn't make any sense. They just need to understand it. So people always mistakenly think that Taurus knows nothing.