Detailed explanation of Gemini in 12 constellations


Gemini (third house) may 21-22 ~ June 20-21

  • Constellation alias: Western name Gemini.
  • Symbolic meaning: twin, Roman numeral II.
  • Constellation symbol: wind sign, masculine changeable constellation, powerful and full of wildness.
  • Guardian planet: mercury.
  • Mascot: Triangle
  • Auspicious metal: Platinum
  • Auspicious gem: agate jade
  • Auspicious day: Wednesday
  • Auspicious numbers: 5, 7, 14, 23, 32, 67
  • Relative Constellation: Sagittarius.
  • Constellation formula: I think.
  • Constellation formula: transportation, information, adaptability.
  • Temple Planet: mercury.
  • Sunken Planet: Jupiter.
  • Body parts: bronchus, upper respiratory tract, lung, upper lobe of lung, clavicle, hand, arm, shoulder, nervous system.
  • Constellation diseases: bronchitis, tuberculosis, hand, arm, shoulder injuries and nerve discomfort.
  • Positive features: dual personality, pleasant, curious, easy to adapt to the environment, good at expression, witty, smart, literate, inventive and handy.
  • Negative characteristics: fickle, ungrateful, restless, active, scheming, devoid of concentration and sincerity.

The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini, which is represented by a pair of twins, indicating his dual personality. Gemini is playing chess at dusk in late March. You can see it in the south of your head. The two boys are very friendly side by side. Among them, the two brightest stars are their heads. The sun will pass through this constellation from 5/21 to 6/21, which is the most beautiful season of natural emerald green. Born in this green and beautiful period, Gemini people are not only smart, but also have much better reasoning ability than others. They are natural communicators.

Gemini's appearance is full of wisdom and makes people feel vivid and energetic. The oval face is very soft, and the facial features are rarely exaggerated. Under the curved and beautiful eyebrows, there are a pair of smart and curious eyes. The bridge of the nose is thin and long, the cheekbones are high, the lower jaw is slightly sharp, and the lips are large but indecisive. Because of their versatility and vitality, they are favored by the opposite sex.

Gemini people love change. They can't do one thing at a time. They spend five hours changing and six hours changing. They are absent-minded. Although they have some small cleverness, they are not single-minded. They are often superficial and have low persistence. It is difficult to succeed. They can be said to be rational but restless constellations. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is the God of ambassadors. It will stimulate wisdom, but it will also make people feel picky and nervous. However, Gemini masters communication, so Gemini people are good at getting along with others. Gemini people can keep talking. The best way to talk with them is to chat. Don't think that Gemini people are fickle, but their inattention affects your view. They are just greedy for novelty and like to absorb information, so they will feel happy.