What constellations would not like to play tricks in love?

Top1: Sagittarius

Sagittarius people have very warm personality, they are cheerful, love freedom, do not want to be bound. Their attitude towards love is also like this. They like the opposite sex who have the same interests and can give them enough space. When they meet a target, they will express and pursue immediately. They will not play cat and mouse. They will also refuse the unsuitable opposite sex.  They don't like to play tricks.

Top2: Taurus

Conservative and stubborn Taurus people are not very active in the pursuit of love. They believe that the love is a kind of predestination. Taurus usually are waiting for the fate to come with this attitude, and would not like to play scheming.

Top3: Virgo

Perfectionist Virgo people love to pursue perfection. They would often think the other deserves better, so they would be very strict to themselves. They dare not express the true heart because of the fear of rejection. In this way, Virgo people would secretly love without playing games and tricks.