How to choose curtains by Fengshui

Curtains are an indispensable item in people's life. Curtains not only block the line of sight outside the house, but also play a decorative effect. But you know what? As an article in home life, curtains also have their own Feng Shui, which will also have an impact on the fate of the owner. Therefore, it is very learned to buy curtains.

So how to buy curtains? Master Zhide suggests the following five points for your reference:

1. Choose the colors and materials that conform to the fate of the owner to assist the luck. At the beginning of decoration, we should combine the fate of the owner to choose the color and material of the curtain, which can help the owner's feelings, health, wealth, career and so on. For example, if the owner decides to use Camptotheca, he can choose green and wooden curtains; If the owner is destined to love earth, choose the Roman curtain with yellow and earthy colors.

2. Keep away from the ominous patterns on the curtains. Some young people will choose some trendy or alternative patterns according to their personality, which is very suitable for their taste, but it means bad luck in Feng Shui. For example, common skeletons, weird dolls, and some fierce animals, try not to avoid using these patterns to avoid adverse effects on the owner. Especially for the elderly and children.

3. The curtains in the master bedroom are less pink. Pink is a female color, which is generally used by women who like romance. Installing pink curtains in the bedroom will add some dreamy or romantic feeling to the room. But in Feng Shui, pink has the meaning of provoking peach blossom, which is easy to trigger a third party, thus affecting the relationship between husband and wife.

4. The cloth of the curtain should not be too thick. If it is too thick, it will feel heavy; It will not make family members feel the pressure of life. In this way, it will also affect the health of the whole family members. If such thick curtains are decorated in the bedroom, the owner's eyelids are very heavy, which will often produce sleepiness, drowsiness, no day, reduced work efficiency and tight economic sources. Therefore, it is not suitable to choose too heavy curtains in the bedroom. At the same time, master Zhide suggested that the bedroom curtains should have a shading layer.

5. Master Zhide also suggested that the curtains in small space should be based on a relatively simple style, so as not to make the space appear narrower because of the complexity of the curtains. On the contrary, in large space, it is suitable to use more atmospheric, generous, exquisite and elegant curtains. In this way, the decoration of the space is not too simple. The overall effect will make people look comfortable.

Taboo of choosing curtain color:

  • Don't use too much red or black as the main color in the house, because too red or too black will make people extremely impulsive.
  • The color of curtains should be coordinated with the wall and ceiling. In Feng Shui, the ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the ground, and the wall represents people. The color of the wall should be between the ceiling and the floor, that is, it should be deeper than the ceiling and shallower than the floor, so as to achieve the harmony and unity of heaven, earth and people.