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How to choose curtains by Fengshui

The curtain is an essential item in our lives. It will not only block the view line of outside, but also will play a decorative effect. But do you know that you'd better pay attention to fengshui when choosing curtain? It will affect your luck tendency.

How to buy curtain? The following five points are for your reference:

  1. You'd better select your numerological color and material to improve your luck. In the beginning of decorating, it is necessary to combine your numerology to select the color and texture of the curtain, which will improve your feelings, health, wealth, career and other aspects. For example, if your numerology is xylophilous, you can select the green wooden curtains. If your numerology is geophilous, you'd better select the yellow, lutescens Roman curtains.
  2. You'd better not use ominous implication pattern in curtains. Some young people will choose some trendy or alternative patterns according to their personality, they may be suitable to their own taste, but they are inauspicious in fengshui. For example, common skull shape, weird doll and ferocious animals and so on. You'd better try not to use these patterns, so as not to produce adversely affect, especially for the elderly and the children's rooms.
  3. You'd better less use pink color for principal bedroom. Pink color is for women, especially the romantic women. The pink curtains can add some fantasy or romantic feeling to the room. Pink has meaning to provoke bad love luck in art of geomantic omen, thus affecting goodwill between spouses. 
  4. The curtain cloth should not be too thick, too thick curtain may have a sensation of heaviness, it may make the family members feel life stress, it may also affect the health of the entire family members. The thick curtains decoration in the bedroom may also make you feel sleepy and reduce work efficiency. So you'd better not choose too heavy curtains, and you should choose curtains with blackout layer.
  5. You'd better choose a relatively simple designed curtains in a small space curtains, so as not to make the space even more narrow. While the large space is on the contrary, it is appropriate to choose large, generous, sophisticated, stylish curtains. So the decoration of the space is not too shabby. The overall effect will make people feel comfortable.

The curtain color optional taboos:

  1. Do not use too much red or black for the main colors of the house, because too red or too dark will make people impulsive and extreme.
  2. Curtain color should be coordinating and unifying with the walls and ceilings. In art of geomantic omen, the ceiling is on behalf of heavy, the floor is on behalf of earth, the wall is on behalf of people. The color of the walls should between the ceiling and the floor, that is it should be darker than the ceiling but lighter than the floor. It is best to make heaven, earth, human in harmony and unity